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OT: Political Debate at TCU

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Someone mentioned on here that there was a message sent out by TCU about the views not being that of TCU, when Louder with Crowder was on campus. I am not going to impose or support his stance. But after watching the videos he has done on our campus...

    Is anyone else worried about the caliber of student we are getting and producing at TCU? They can't speak for their own ideas or opinions and or debate those ideas. They seem to be an echo chamber to what they are reading on Facebook and that's it. Maybe it's a millennial thing, but I'm worried about the future of our society if these people are what we are producing at higher institutes of learning.
  2. Snowflakes that think people with with black masks brutally attacking those they don’t agree with politically is the antithesis of fascism. Makes sense to me.
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  3. Crowder is a professsional arguer who preps for weeks before doing one of these, then springs an emotionally-charged topic on unsuspecting college kids who are late for class. They naturally respond with emotion because they aren’t prepared to argue intelligently on the subject. Predictably, he wipes the floor with them.

    At some basal level, I agree with some of his points, but he goes about it all wrong. He’s a Brilesbag.
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  4. These guys are nothing compared to the filthy, illiterate, half breed, commie hippies of my day. They had no idea what tolerance was.
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  5. Funny how the Left is so open minded and tolerant of others until their views differ from their own...
  6. Most young people are soft in our country. Think we have been trending that way for a long time.
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  7. Equal to those who stormed the beaches of Normandy according to CNN

    The problem is that all these "anti fascists" and "nazi fighters" are simply redefining nazism and fascism to views they disagree with. then when they get called out on their BS they say "why do you oppose fighting against nazism and fascism?"
  8. Are you making the point that the right is just upfront about their hatred?

    The road goes both ways. When's the last time you saw a conservative give credit to a liberal for anything (other than being too liberal for Texas)? The current polarized political climate is absolute garbage and until we stop identifying along tribal lines it won't get any better.
  9. Thats a great point. You won .3 trophy points.
  10. Problem is they don’t even know what a fascist is...
  11. As has been discussed in the other half dozen thread discussing Millenial Morton Downey Jr to TCU, to pretend that some of this doesn't cut deep for people is really disingenuous. It gets emotional because you could very well be bringing up a traumatic experience for them. That's not "softness", btw. Then he wipes the floor with the unprepared and off balance 19 year old. He must be so proud.

    You can just as easily rile up someone on the other side of the aisle as well. Call an Iraq war vet a war criminal and let me know if you get reasoned / logical debate or if you get a black eye.
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  12. This thread has real potential...
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  13. Not going to say I'm pro or anti Crowder. However, I think a college student should be able to form a more logical thought and debate a matter, even if it was from a traumatic experience. Am I wrong in that assumption?
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  14. You’re being nice. That’s .3 more than I’d give him.
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  15. I just don’t understand why a college student would stop and talk to him. So many better things to be doing in college.... drinking, sleeping, watching sports, playing sports, hanging with friends.

    I wouldn’t have wanted to waste ten seconds of my life having a serious discussion with a rando
  16. I’m more worried about those who are over the age of 50 and can’t seem to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Passing along memes, sharing facebook posts of things easily refuted, etc. Just living in whatever alternate reality that supports their chosen political narrative. Unbelievable the dumbness factor prevalent in people who otherwise seem intelligent.
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  17. Yes you are especially as it relates to sexual crimes
  18. Treat him like the guy handing out gideon bibles, walk right by him.
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  19. Yeah, I kinda think you are. If an issue cuts that deep to bring up personal trauma, it's not reasonable to expect cooled objectivity. That's true for any number if issues. Seeing an evocateur out there shouting it out brings that to you unsolicited, making it even more off balance.
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  20. Crowder wasn't shouting at people, he simply set up a table and allowed anyone who wants to sit down to have a conversation with him to join him at the table. The issue I see in the video is with individuals who think it's perfectly acceptable to shout at Crowder or agree to discuss the topic and then be completely devoid of logic and reason and hyperemotional. I agree with Horny4TCU in that we should expect better from these individuals as TCU students. Even my 12 year old would have been more respectful and brought more reason to that discussion than most of those college students. And if you think I'm nuts, I just finished a 90 minute discussion with her on the Nazi's and concentration camps because they're reading The Diary of Anne Frank at her school, and earlier this week she debated the leading causes of colonial America breaking away from Great Britain with her uncle who is currently working towards his Masters of History at UTA.

    I think we should demand better from TCU students, and if they're unprepared for someone like Crowder to confront them with uncomfortable views then we should be worried about what is being taught and how they're being taught at the school.

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