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OT- Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Chongo94, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. I heard that TCU has reached out with some advice on how they can increase Church Revenue with Club Pews and Confession Suites.

  2. Preliminary numbers I heard were approaching $1B.
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  3. Your fate may be sealed... haha.
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  4. I say bulldoze the sumbish and put a football stadium in it's place. Add some loge boxes and a club area and it will make more money than it ever has before.

    Sell beer, too. That's important. Tech should play there every year. Oklahoma will win every game they play there, btw.
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  5. why sell beer when they give away wine at each service?
  6. Given the timeline for the restoration before the fire - I would think 5 years is aggressive but then sometimes its faster to start from scratch than remodel and now he will have the world behind him if he takes action soon I would guess.
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  7. Yes
  8. How about a Trump Resort?

    Trump Resort and Casino at Notre Dame.
  9. I wasn't supporting Trump in my response, but why not?

    I was trying to bring the topic back to sports related. Don't try to put your hatred for being an Ohio fan back on me!
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    It’ll be way more than that. My bet: $5 B plus. 20 years.

    First they have to secure it - structurally - and cover the gaping holes in it. Cleaning will take months or more. There are no trees big enough because the ceiling was made of 300-400 year old trees when they built it 800+ years ago, so they’ll have to re-engineer and design the roof (which I’m sure they would’ve done anyway). All the custom work, priceless art, etc. Though much was saved, much was also lost.

    The project will get so bogged down - balancing being true to the original vs safety, efficiency, time and cost. How involved will the French and Parisian governments be? How much will the Church get involved? Will all these moneyed French billionaires make their tens of millions of Euros gifts without strings attached or will they bog them down in their opinions?

    It’s gonna be a bureaucratic nightmare.
  11. The Morgan Stanley France Pew at Notre Dame Cathedral.
  12. I heard that Earl was planning on bidding for the grinderin contract
  13. He b re-tired.

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  14. Does the lion sleep in the fields of Minerva?
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Just take a lap and come back to join us.
  17. Very, very sly how you brought us back to sports. Well done!

    Your unconscious biases must be very proud...but we'll never know for sure.
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  18. Guessing they are keeping the same exterior, correct?
    I was shocked to see how much of the interior was spared. But now they have to get some structural integrity added to support a modern roof.
  19. Saw Notre Dame is giving 100k. Nice of them even though that’s a year worth of tuition for one student
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