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OT- Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

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  1. I’m not Catholic, but I do give to Catholic Relief Services. I think they do wonderful work. And yes, I and all of my Catholic friends are appalled with the church hierarchy right now. Terrible management of a horrible crisis. I suspect they took their lead from the Baylor Book of Crisis Management.
  2. In summation, people will always suffer so let’s not worry about it. And if anyone does consider being charitable they should not be because the money will just end up in the wrong hands. Unless you give to the Catholic Church because they do the right thing.

  3. Dead
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  4. I vet all my charities yearly at Charity Navigator. charitynavigator.org
    Pretty reliable data and shows how much of your donation goes toward the actual program.
  5. Guidestar is a good resource too for digging into a NPO's financial statements. Search for their Form 990 (tax doc they are required to file).

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  6. I first heard any suggestion of such on CNN so there's that. But you do you.
  7. I got curious and searched. This says that Americans gave 410 billion to charity in 2017.


    I doubt 500 mil on the rebuild (especially considering the worldwide attention) will harm other efforts to give.
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  8. This thread reminds me of the TCU-Memphis game many years ago where, with only a few seconds to go in the clock, multiple fights kept breaking out all over the field. Just when you thought the brawl was done, you look over to another part of the field, and there’s another tussle going on. It was more like WWE than football the last couple of minutes.
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  9. Thanks
    I don’t give to a Catholic charity because it’s Catholic. I give to a specific group that does wonderful work that happens to be Catholic. There’s no perfect religious organization on the planet, as they are all staffed by humans, who make, sometimes, atrocious mistakes. They won’t stop me from giving to one of their specific, and vetted, charities that does amazing work with the poor.
  10. Maybe not based solely on this planet, but Scientology says hello.
  11. I was hoping we might be able to talk/fight about the Muller report today?
  12. I’d rather watch Stephen A and Max on First Take
  13. *Mueller

    What's the matter with you, don't you know how to spell?
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. I just like historic architecture and old buildings

    I’m not giving any money though

    All of my donations go to TCU for the Priority Points and the Plus 4

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  16. I don’t know, ever hear a Catholic tell you there is only one true religion?
  17. Fraternity brother family owns this company--so there is a TCU connection!!

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