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OT- Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Chongo94, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Supposedly many of the relics including Crown of Thorns were able to be saved before the fire spread too far, which is good news for any Catholics here. Even if you don’t believe in its authenticity though, that relic has been there for almost 800 years ... insane
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  2. I'm sick.

    I was there in September and did a in-depth English tour. Now I'm so glad that I took advantage of that opportunity.

    They will rebuild but the loss of the relics and artwork is horrible.

    I bet it'll cost $1B or more and twenty years for the restoration.
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  3. In tears. Lucky enough to have spent a little time there and what a tremendous loss.
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  4. Per Wikipedia the timeline of "ground-breaking" through completion was something like 180 years. Could that be right?
  5. I hope you’re right. I was never able to see it in person sadly.
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  6. I do believe so. Construction techniques and abilities, especially given its size, were lacking back then and took longer. I believe that was also part of its appeal, that it had styles from different eras in it but @Virginia Frog could speak to that I bet having done the tour.
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  7. Brutal.
  8. I blame Quasimodo! Gosh darn hunchbacks. They are worthless.
  9. Got to see it 4 years ago.

    Have they speculated on cause? This close to Easter, seems a little suspicious.
  10. I read where it was emptied for restoration/renovation a month ago so everything inside that was movable would have been spared. So so sad!!
  11. I think I read where there was an electrical issue.

    This thread is pretty interesting. It sounds like the cathedral has been in pretty bad shape for a long while and that the previous renovation was hastily done.

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  12. not hard to believe.

    original building was started over 1,000 years ago, goodness knows how many times it has been renovated, expanded, etc.......survived a few peasant rebellions, damage in world war 2, and things such as modern wiring and stone walls that are feet thick don't exactly make it easy to update things.
  13. Everything I've seen says accident related to renovation, but I'm right there with you. Wasn't another church in Paris burned about a month or so ago with arson as the cause?
  14. Was there just this past August....surreal
  15. Absolutely terrible

    We were there 7-8 years ago and went to Christmas Eve mass. Incredible experience and what a loss. I guess anything can be rebuilt but it will take years
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  16. Right, the Crown of Thorns "relic" has been at Notre Dam for almost 800 years. Exactly what it was doing for the previous 1,100 years is a mystery.
  17. This is not University of Notre Dame sports related. Move to Killingsworth Court?

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