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OT need advice for vacation

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Would love to go to Scottsdale except it is so hot now. Anything to do at one of the good resorts, except die of heat stroke? Colorado is awfully pricey and I know nothing about where to stay in the Northwest (want someplace outside of town, a place to chill). Maybe Scottsdale is a "dry" heat. Could always drive to Ruidoso, but that drive is a beating.

    Suggestions? Want outdoors, privacy, casinos, relaxing.
  2. New Orleans will be inexpensive and probably not very crowded for a few days. Take an umbrella.
  3. Thank you. Good suggestion. I was thinking of a place outside of the city. My only trip to NO was a disaster: I was there for the flood of May, 1995, eclipsed only by Katrina. Closed down the casino at midnight due to flooding (in a bad, bad part of town) took me 4 hours to get back to my hotel, since most interstates were under water. Left town early the next day, since most was under water.
    Still, yeah, I will take that into account.

    Still wanting place to breath in fresh air and relax as #1 priority. And a casino. A cabin is best, although I admit a hotel stay in Tahoe is really nice.
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  4. please limit to 3
  5. We like the area around Rocky Mtn National Park. Relatively speaking, Grand Lake and/or Estes Park are affordable. But best of all, the high today in that area is 78 degrees! And great hikes if you're into that sort of thing.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Serious or tongue in cheek? If serious, Scottsdale isn’t cheap. Flights into Phoenix tend to be pricey. Tahoe would be definitely nice. Ruidoso is close. How about Santa Fe NM. Awesome golf course and resort with casino. Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort.
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    Coeur d’Alene Resort Idaho...Fantastical
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  8. Vancouver, BC. Beautiful city surrounded by water and mountains. Take boat trips to Victoria and/or whale watching. Short bus or float plane to Whistler. Stay close to Stanley Park. Beautiful park almost as big as Central Park. Water front bike trails all the way around the park. Many other close by excursions.
  9. Denver... Blackhawk is about 45 min from Denver. Several large casinos there
  10. Come on down!
  11. Go to Scottsdale. And then rent a car and drive 2 hours north to Flagstaff. Our favorite summer vacation spot. We’ve gone 3 of the last 4 years. You’re 90 minutes from the Grand Canyon, there are 6 breweries within walking distance if you stay in downtown, and the Lowell Observatory has world class telescopes (and i was never really into that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]). Hike in the morning, then grab a slice or two of Flagstaff style pizza and watch the train go by as you sit on a patio on Route 66 with one of the many craft beers from town. Best part, it’s currently 67 degrees there.
  12. I notice the word chill and every location has something legal, that some states don't...

    Well... Here are my suggestions to keep with your theme.
    Acadia National Park, Maine - and legal
    San Francisco, CA - and legal
    Seattle, WA - and legal (my jobs corporate headquarters is up there. got off the phone with someone today, told me it was in the 70s).
  13. Canadian places are good due to getting more for your dollar. Banff is pricey, Whistler may be decent in the summer. Vancouver and/or Victoria B.C. lots of really cool places to see on Vancouver Island north of Victoria. Tahoe can be pricey, but if you stay in Reno at a nice place like the Silver Legacy you can take the back road up to Tahoe and drive around. Maine is really nice, Acadia National Park is really cool. Short drive to the maritimes in Canada. Bay of Fundy and the tidal bores are cool. St Johns NB has the “Reversing Falls” when the tides change. The UP in Michigan is nice, see some moose, go to Mackinac Island...
  14. One of my former sales reps moved from Flagstaff to Waco. Every time I talked to her I reminded her of her incredibly poor judgment. Now she’s moved to Idaho and I have a vacancy in Waco and I can’t fill a candidate pool with people who live there.
  15. My parents just flew into San Francisco with my two nephews and are taking them for a tour of Northern California, Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia. Redwood forest, Oregon coast, etc...

    They’re having a blast and it’s been in the 50’s-70’s almost every day.

    Beautiful part of the country, nice weather and probably not too pricey.
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  16. Waco. Weather is like California, the restaurant options are endless, casinos, resort options. Omni, etc. you’re welcome.
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  17. Yea, was going to say the Oregon coast. Stay away from the Cannon Beach area, too pricey.

    Lots to do and cool in Wyoming and Montana (and Idaho) also. Neighbors were in Yellowstone last week and said if you get to the park at early, early and leave by 1 pm or so you miss the worst of the traffic, lots of wildlife this year with all the greenery from the snow. Go do the Beartooth Hwy. One of the most beautiful highways in America. You can get some surprisingly cheap flights to the smaller cities on Allegiant Air.

    PS. Those states are NOT legal and some tough laws.
  18. Come join us in Cooperstown from July 26-August 2. My son’s team is the WPPO Cobras.
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