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OT - Movies thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Not a movie but that Qanon docu series on hbomax is great. I didn't know much about any of it going into it so it was fascinating. Weird group.
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  2. What? No 'Eight Men Out'? No 'Stealing Home'?
  3. Eight Men Out was only okay. I forgot about Stealing Home. Shoot! That was good.

    I’m going to the Rangers game next Friday before the TCU Spring Game, all these movies will get me hyped up even more for that.
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  4. FYI, there is a great App called Just Watch that tells you WHERE you can see a movie. I typed in The Natural and boom. HBO Max. It’s pretty handy.
  5. Stealing Home was awful.

    Eight Men Out could’ve been better. Great true story, but the movie kind of fell flat.

    Underrated Baseball movie, Talent for the Game with Edward James Olmos. Actually it might suck. I saw it when I was 12.
  6. I’m a huge dork and ranked my top 10 sports movies of all time last year during CovidBreak

    3 baseball movies made the list :

    1- Major League
    5- Moneyball
    7- The Natural

    Moneyball is such a great movie. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are scheissing awesome. I know half of the movie is made up and they never mention Zito, Mulder, Hudson or Tejada, I almost now pretend it’s a fictional movie.

    61* was underrated and such a fun movie filmed in the old Tigers ballpark.

    I thought Sandlot and Field of Dreams were way overhyped.
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  7. What is y’all’s worst movie ever and why did you choose The Shape of Water?
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  8. Interesting idea. Aside from the baseball stuff, Hoosiers, Miracle, Rocky, Raging Bull, Caddyshack, Slap Shot, Mystery Alaska, Rudy, Cinderella Man and Chariots of Fire come to mind. Guilty pleasures Tin Cup, Dead Solid Perfect and White Men Can’t Jump. And Baseketball. Can’t help it...love those South Park guys.
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  9. Rush was an amazing one by Ron Howard about F1 racing that made my top 10 sports movies as well.
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  10. Cinderella Man is my favorite boxing movie of all time.

    I am not much for MMA, but that Warrior Movie was pretty dang ol’ good.
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  11. What was the rest of your top 10 list
  12. Blue Chips and Hoop Dreams are good basketball movies. Space Jam is classic.
  13. i see your "the shape of water" and counter it with "the last emperor "
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  14. You know how I know you two haven’t seen even a few minutes of Battlefield Earth?
  15. [​IMG]
  16. torn on battlefield earth as part of me thinks that was travolta trolling hollywood
  17. Major League
    Cinderella man
    The Natural
    Bad News Bears
    Remember the Titans
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  18. That was such a bad flick.
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  19. Watched Wonder Woman last night. Holy [ #2020 ] that was awful
  20. bad in so many different areas and levels you almost have to try to be the bad overall

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