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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Yeah, but sometimes verisimillitude be damned, I still liked"The Fifth Element".
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  2. Saw Upgrade today. Pretty dang good. Awesome action and cool plot. Short too, under 2 hours (not counting trailers) for those short on time. Would recommend...

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  3. Tremors.
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  4. I mean, that’s a given, always.
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  5. You put The Rock into a jungle with a crap-ton of CGI perils and have him do lots of self-deprecating humor about the size of his muscles, then have him break the 4th wall a couple times, then mix in some Drake, then roll credits and collect your millions from all the 16-24 age males.

    Edit: you also throw in a few Mountain Dew, Monster and Doritos product placements to pay The Rock’s salary.
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  6. So a typical summer movie.
  7. I bought a Mountain Dew made with real sugar the other day. Have yet to try it though.
  8. I’ve had it. I prefer the regular actually. But the Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper with real sugar I like better. No idea why not the same with MD.
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  9. I’d watch that just for Karen Gillan.
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  10. Wife and I saw "Game Night" last week. Hilarious, had a great time. The scene with Sebastian in the policeman's home office was pure gold.
  11. Mark your calendar for December:

  12. Highly recommend A Quiet Place if you haven't seen it yet, I think there are still some theaters showing it. Probably the most suspenseful movie I've ever seen.
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  13. You know the rules!

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Looks kinda cool but her face really freaks me out.
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  16. I’d adjust.
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  17. Agree - Agree- Agree!!
  18. 19 July
    Looks like excellent casting, just hope it holds up beyond a good trailer, for the history nerds, Band of Brothers hungry crowd or Jason Bourne fans;

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  19. Had read somewhat positive reviews about Hereditary although that's really not my preferred genre. Took Mrs Pharm to see it. Excellent acting by Toni Collette...really good. Mediocre suspense/horror movie in my opinion. Still getting 8.0 on IMDB but I don't get that at all. I am going to go see "Tag" this weekend. I'm hopeful.

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