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OT: Market meltdown. Get in your hot takes

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by jake102, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. The oil and gas sector has been killed. It might be a good time to get into a few of the stock with great dividend history.

    XOM is sitting at around an 8% dividend yield. CVX is over 6%.

    However, I do not really know what to do with the current situation overall. Just grind it out for a while and hope there are a couple opportunities in the near future.
  2. Rates have been too low for too long IMO. I'm not an economist or anything close to that but for too long it seemed like the cure for everything was to lower rates, when they have already been at near record lows for awhile. Just seems abnormal and a recipe for a big correction at some point.
  3. Margin calls. Lots of stuff coming up for sale that has been locked away. Bargains galore!
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  4. Good thing I'm still working.
  5. UCO is a buy. If you have cash to park, we know oil will go up from here at some point. You’ll make bank. A family member put $100,000 in it today.
  6. Lots to buy right now.
  7. Not an expert: This is my Captain Obvious take.

    Basically, you can stay pat to your share in market, and might as well if you haven’t moved funds at this point. But, if think it still has a long way to fall, then move your money.

    Easier said than done; but when the Corona virus was talking hold on China, that was time to move your money. The question is when to move back in? Might need to wait for the virus to sweep the USA first. Two weeks, a month? Global concerns pertaining to the virus also factor in. Again, easier said than done to know when to move back in right before the rebound upwards in the market.
  8. At this point it seems like its too late to get out, but who knows. This sucks, I know that.
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    As a general rule, it’s usually costlier to be out of the market at the wrong time than in the market at the wrong time. Sell, then miss the rebound and you’ve locked-in your losses. But as they like to remind us, past results are no guarantee of future results. In any event, I’m in and staying in.
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  10. Paranoia seems to be running amuck....
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  11. 1:45 pm DJIA now picking up speed as sell off again re intensifies, down 2000 plus. Once around 22,400 Dow, shorts should begin covering or maybe a little sooner. Going to be a lot of blood spilled on this move. Big temptation not to reload.
  12. The worst thing anyone can do is panic sell, or even panic buy. Guessing market tops/bottoms almost always ends poorly. That said, there may be some great buys coming.
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  13. Then you never had a discussion with me. If it doesn’t make sense, I will tell you. I’m not in the “churn and burn” business. Obviously you have been talking to the wrong mortgage originators.
  14. I wouldn't doubt that I have. Now would seem like a good time to refinance if someone has a reasonably high balance on their mortgage and isn't planning to move for awhile. I apologize if that came across as a personal slight which it probably did. And I understand people need to make a living.

    I have to chuckle though, I hear the same ads on the radio, been going on for years, that NOW is the perfect time to refinance your house.
  15. Yep, I know what you are saying. Those 2 guys locally spend over a million in ads every year, maybe more, but it must pay off. Of, course, I will be the first to say there aren’t too many things free in my business. You are paying for it somewhere.
    When talking to somebody about a refi, it just depends on where they are, where they want to be, etc. Every situation is different. It’s all about goals, wants, and needs. As crazy as it is, most borrowers want to do it online. I prefer, if possible, meeting face-to-face, even if it means driving from Plano to Houston, which I have done, as the borrower needed some hand-holding. Being old, I still think adding a personal touch is still needed. Online sure is convenient, though. My wife buys everything on Amazon while I still like going to the store.
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  16. I am a bit surprised that they have been able to keep the precious metals depressed with the paper contracts, not backed by anything. At some point they will shake loose from the COMEX.
  17. Saw a report from the WHO that the Corona Virus curve in China has taken a downward turn on reported infection. If this peaks out, I’m hoping warmer weather and te
  18. To complete the above ‘and hopefully the markets will bounce back.’

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