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OT: How to not feel like an a-hole for turning down a job offer

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by LVH, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. I've been looking for a new job the last few weeks and have a very in demand skillset so naturally I have gotten a ton of bites. I've been interviewing almost non stop for the last couple of weeks. Dozens of different companies.

    I got my first offer yesterday and I just turned it down about 5 minutes ago. I feel like crap and a jerk. This company really invested a lot of time and effort recruiting me and interviewing me, but I just don't think its the right fit for the next step in my career. Had nothing to do with pay, benefits, title, or anything - it was all in line with what I am looking for. I think they just didn't do a good job on selling me on the opportunity and the other roles I am in later stages for are more appealing. I had a final 2 hour interview with them the other day and about halfway through I realized the opportunity wasn't for me.

    I feel bad for these people as if I have wronged them. As if I got there hopes up and shattered them. I'm afraid to check my phone or email for their response if they have one.
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  2. Think of the flip side, I'm sure we've all had opportunities that progressed to second or third interviews, only to find out in the end they "went with an internal candidate" or "it was really close, wish we had better news". That sucks, but it's part of the game. It's nice to be in demand, and sometimes it just so happens that you realize an opportunity isn't the right fit for you. You have to do what's best for you and your career. Better to find that out now rather than in a year when you're miserable.
  3. As someone who has done a lot of hiring (probably hired 25 people directly and helped hire at least that many more), I look at it as time I need to invest. Honestly I feel like my prior sales experience makes me good at hiring (and being offered when I am the candidate as well), but a few have declined offers. Personally I would want the feedback (didn't do a good job selling you).

    If they aren't interested in accepting feedback, that's their problem.

    BTW I have a few good stories but one favorite is a candidate who declined the offer that had been given by another manager. I asked my director if I could contact the candidate and give it a shot. I sold him on why he should be interested, told him how much I wanted him to be there, and he changed his mind. About ten years later he still works there (I don't).
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  4. Naturally
  5. They’ll get over it
  6. I don't know. I feel bad for all those employers he turned down without even knowing them. Suicide watch all across the greater Las Vegas area.
  7. they probably knew they weren’t getting someone of your talent to join their team but they thought: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott.
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  8. I assume competitive eating.
  9. Lost me at “dozens of different companies”. I feel like at least half of what you post is 100% made up.
  10. You don't believe that he turned down a job offer then "5 minutes later" reported it here on kfc? I know I always think about this board first when making any career decisions and immediately report back to everyone.

    I assume the only reason he even waited 5 minutes to tell us all was because he ate 2 spicy bacon burgers, 3 orders of onion rings, 2 chicken sandwiches and then had 4 milkshakes from Whataburger in between those 2 events.
  11. so you aren't going to be schloss' analytics guy in college station?
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  12. Wow, things have changed since I worked in fast food.
  13. You shouldn't feel bad. If it is not the job for you, you are doing each other a favor by not accepting it.
  14. Bouncing at the Bunny Ranch isn't for everyone.
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  15. Clearly they haven't discovered you're LVH on here.
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  16. Neither is mop duty.
  17. I made the decision to turn it down yesterday afternoon but couldn't bring myself to actually tell them until this morning. Lost sleep over it. It's more of an empathy thing I guess. What rubbed me the wrong way is that from what I could infer from the conversation with the CEO is that the company was not doing well and basically needed someone to come in and turn the ship around otherwise it's sinking. I just didn't think walking into a situation like that is something I would want to do.

    I think that's why I feel bad. Because they are struggling and need a life line and I couldn't provide that. These were nice people and I wish them the best and don't wish a business failing on anyone. If this were a thriving company I wouldn't think much of it
  18. Do you mind telling us what industry you are interviewing in so we can perhaps help better?
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  19. I'm guessing LVH is switching allegiances from the Gambino family to the Luchese family
  20. Software/Machine Learning Engineering

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