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OT: How do you manage the extra drama of the holiday season?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. The bible says in Proverbs 17:22: A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones. But each year around this time this standard is put to the test. In the silly season, we start to see more people on the roads, in the shops and malls. This translates into more people driving erratically, cutting people off, honking horns, etc. In the stores, you will see people look to cut in line or other folks will be less aware of your personal space or even hold others up due to their absentmindedness.

    1. What have you experienced and what things do you do to keep your composure and a merry heart?
    2. Do you share these ideas with friends or family or let them fend for themselves?
    3. Do you think things are getting better or worse in this area?
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  2. I scheissing rage
    1. Keeping my composure is not something I aspire to.
    2. Holiday Darwinism....let the soft cower and expire.
    3. At equilibrium
  3. Lol, are you raging more or less these days?
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  4. You seek to be the road warrior and gain supremacy of the road?
  5. My rage is directly tied to TCU football and traffic and nothing else.... and we just had a losing season despite having APB, Kansas and Purdue on the schedule and I live in Houston.... so it’s not good man
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  6. I basically act real surly and hope nobody wants to talk to me as a result. Never underestimate the repelling quality of mumbling angrily under your breath for no apparent reason.
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  7. No worries. May I humbly suggest read your bible more and put God first. That will help in putting things in perspective. We have little control over how TCU does.
  8. You throw in a few bah humbugs too?
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  9. I stay home.
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  10. I can appreciate this and try to accommodate. I do most of my shopping online and try to give myself some extra time knowing there will be delays. When I go grocery shopping, I'll try to go early when I can to beat the larger crowds than usual. Still, somewhere along the way, I will have a few encounters where I am forced to contend with it.
  11. I really like the Christmas season. So I try my best to not let those things get to me. Keep some Christmas music on the radio. TAKE MY TIME GETTING PLACES (that's just huge). Take time to see decorations and lights and just stay in a holiday mood. Try to catch up with friends and family. And don't over do it. We have some charity things we do that really help me get into the Christmas spirit.

    Traffic is always going to get worse in this area. It is growing. And the younger generations are very unwise with texting and driving. I drive a fairly large vehicle. Just hold my ground. A lot of folks don't tend to cut me off in line. As far as the absent mindedness, can't fault folks too much this time of year. Most people are just trying to keep a too busy schedule for the season, mainly in hopes of giving their family a good Christmas.

    Just remember, there are folks out there who have it worse. There some folks that don't have anybody. So just take a deep breath and remember what you read in the good book and remember you only have limited times with loved ones, so take advantage.

    This season goes by quick. I'll admit, the season kinda snuck up on me this year (with Thanksgiving the later week, etc.) So I had to focus to get into the spirit of things. So if there is a Christmas song you like, or what not, just pull over, listen and get back with it.

    And yeah, I'll give that advice to anybody.

    All the nice looking stuff will be put away before ya know it. Back to music that is not as pretty. And folks may forget how nice it was to see people being nice. So just try and enjoy. And take some time for yourself.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    P.S. Maybe we get lucky and get some snow.
  12. I suppose that is an apt description. Many people don’t understand that purposefully losing one’s composure can be a high form of merriment. But seriously this is by far the best time of the year and I resolve not to worry about a darn thing until about January 2nd.

    I also remove myself from people who invite or relish in drama but that’s kind of a year round thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s a family member or other although a drama-seeking family member will still receive the minimum amount of my presence as possible before I (like Frostie) simply melt way and leave others to wonder where and when did he go.
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  13. Get in your bubble and get on with it...don’t let external factors affect or control your inner peace
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  14. Nice words. What kinds of charity work do you do? And how do you find it helps you get into the Christmas spirit?
  15. That's a fancy apple juice bottle.
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  16. Just helping others. Some things for kids who may not get anything otherwise. Heck, just walk up to a Salvation Army Kettle and drip a few bills in. Promise, you'll feel good.
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  18. Jack Daniels
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