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OT: Holiday Beatings

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Assumed they were singing about me.
  2. Beatings....Any Christmas or non-Christmas record by Burl Ives, especially "Holly Jolly Christmas"....George Michael's "Last Christmas," and other renditions by any other artist...Dan Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne"....
  3. [​IMG]

    Taken 1 year ago today.

    Trdelnik with nutella is a must.
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  4. Wrapping presents is a complete beating because I suck at it. Thankfully the wife wraps all our family and friends presents but I still have to wrap hers.
  5. +1
  6. Wrapping presents is one of the hardest feats I have set out to accomplish in my life.

    I don’t do it anymore. Gift bags
  7. Freeloaders.
  8. This would never happen in my family tree
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  9. Beating when your cousin comes in town and the shippers full!
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  10. The MC of the Miss Universe telecast.
  11. I have been instructed by the wife to be nice to the son-in-law....or else!
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  12. Have another week of driving 1500 miles for about 30 meetings to drop off Xmas cheer to customers. May have to dial up a trip to our bowl game post Xmas - need a vacation and a long overdue winters nap!
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    I am kind of partial to the holiday tune that has the line, “ the Batmobile lost it’s wheel and Joker got away.”
  14. Agree, working on quite a bit of Celebration Ale this year.
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  15. How about waking up with a hangover and realizing this guy hasn’t moved?

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  16. My holiday season beating is well chronicled here, but the Hallmark Christmas movies starting before Halloween and running past New Years absolutely wear me out.

    As Ron pointed out so well earlier, there is so much good sports to be watched, especially bowl games, that nothing should possibly go too wrong this time of year. But when good sports are preempted by Hallmark movies at all hours of the day I just can't handle it. I have left the family gathering to return home before just to watch a football game while the rest of the house talks through a Hallmark movie that they've all seen 4 times in the past 6 weeks.

    And the mother-in-law is in town for a solid 2 weeks rather than the typical 3 day weekend once a month. She is guaranteed to say at least 10 things with defiant certitude that are 100% obviously wrong to everyone else in the room. It's always a real struggle to get through an entire day without a single controversy at the in-laws' house.

    I really do love this time of year, but mostly with my side of the family, my church, and my friends. The time with the other side of the family usually ends up in a wash with offsetting pros and cons.
  17. My feelings with Paul McCartney and “simply having a wonderful Christmas time”
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  18. Been there. Had to think quickly and explain that jack (our elf's name) must have liked that spot so much, and that he could see everyone so well from there that he wanted to hang out there for another day.
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  19. Also, tooo muuuch caaannndyyyy



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