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OT- greatest 80’s and 90’s cheesy action movies

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Well, it is fully and officially that time of year. Grab your OT seats.

    Saw that a JCVD movie (Double Impact) was on last night. Early 90’s camp at its finest. Just made me wonder what were some of the films from these eras you enjoyed that now make you chuckle. Van Damme’s films will always be on my lists. For you older olds (I kid I kid), feel free to share those from your eras as well.

    So what makes your list? Lionheart, Robocop, Total Recall, American Ninja, Missing in Action, Bloodsport, etc. Some lesser known “greatness” perhaps?
    As always, trailers and or scenes of greatness/camp are fully appreciated.
  2. I mean, come on now, is this not cheesy greatness or what?

  3. ‘Commando’ with Awnald, Rae Dawn Chong and pre pubescent Alyssa Milano.
  4. Someone once posted in some other thread, maybe it was you Hoosier, Commando in 3 minutes or something like that. Basically the whole movie in 3 minutes. It was hilarious.
  5. Different type of movies than what you wrote about, but when I read the thread title I immediately thought of Point Break and Roadhouse.
  6. All included and those very well fit the profile. Just had the one man army ninja assassin ones on my mind because of the JCVD flashback.

    Always forget how Swayze was an action star of sorts during that period.
  7. The Last Boy Scout

    Tango and Cash


    Over the Top

    Days of Thunder
  8. Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes

    No Holds Barred
  9. My favorite was probably Terminator 2


    I also went through a phase where I took taekwondo and I was into JCVD movies. My favorite was Bloodsport

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  10. "Cobra" (1986) Sylvester Stallone . . . ."You're the disease, I'm the cure."
  11. Good one. Really goodbad movie.
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  12. Not quite the 80’s but was always a big fan of The Warriors.
  13. It still holds up.
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  14. Holy hell, forgot all about No Holds Barred. Nice mention.
  15. Vudu had it on sale for like 3 bucks last weekend so I scooped it up. Watched it multiple times already.
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  16. It really does. It was on some channel a few months back and found myself getting slowly sucked in. It’s bad but good.
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  17. The sword and the sorcerer starring Lee Horsley is unbelievably great trash

    “You want me to go into the king’s Dungeon & fetch your brother for one night in the sack with you?”

    Also, kill or be killed is awesome in its own way. The villain’s pink haired girlfriend calls him “Poopsy.”

    Scanners is a fun watch as telepaths blow each other heads off each other with their mental skills. Michael Ironside is the villain.

    The Howling is old school werewolf flick. Interesting final scene.

    The Scorpion King with The Rock showcases his early acting ability with. “I’ve come for the wizard & your head!”

    This thread has potential
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  18. Can
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  19. T2 was my first R rated movie I think, but I don’t necessarily put it in the category of this thread... maybe more along the lines of great American cinema

    Seen Bloodsport about 100x. That was another favorite of my dad’s, along with T2
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