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OT: Favorite Professor at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Yep!

    His sister was my VA Voc Rehab advisor, too.
  2. Interesting. I knew him through some business dealings years ago. Didn’t he used to own what is now the Chancellor’s house?
  3. I hear ya. Overall, my family and friends always talk about me having a good memory about old ship, but I'm not good on this subject. Once I see some of these names, like Minor, Rhodes (liked both), Van Jones (hated), it rings a bell, but I could've been blanked on the subject with no help. I remember liking Lamb as well.
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  4. Dr. Ron Flowers. Absolute mastery of subject matter. You could not help but become engaged.

    Dr. Minter. Eidetic memory. Good teacher. Knows his beer.

    Dr. Bohon. His group course in contemporary history was just great. Him getting so into his lecture subject that he'd erase the chalkboard with his hand and absentmindedly wipe it on his pants was just classic.

    Dr. Harry Opperman. Writing. I really didn't understand what he was doing back in the day, but it took a few years for the light bulb to finally shine.
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    Ron Flowers was great.. I might’ve learned more in that single class than any other. Most of my religion courses outside of that were a waste of time and could’ve been lumped into a single class called “be open minded or at least respectful of others.”

    Richard Allen (RTVF) and Chuck Lamendola (RTVF) were both great. Enjoyed my time at KTCU with Russell Scott.

    Whoever taught the “biology for non majors” course, can’t remember name or actual course title... he was great. Funny and great teacher.

    Took a class from Speaker (of the House) Jim Wright and will always appreciate him sharing his memories.

    The guy who taught survey of theater was passionate about his subject and I respected that though I think most students didn’t.

    Edit: I don’t think he’s a bad professor at all.. but my worst/toughest experience in a classroom was probably Intro to Astronomy for non-majors. Class was fascinating and I felt like I was learning stuff.. tests were completely brutal for a first-semester freshman. He’d give a 100-question study guide, all with answers 1-2 paragraphs in length. Then he’d pick 5 randomly for the exam. Good luck!
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  6. He had a big house with a large circular drive in front and a pool in the back a few blocks away from campus. On a particularly nice spring day, the entire class drove over to his house and we had class around the pool. The whole class was able to park in his drive. Does that sound like the Chancellor's place? That was probably Spring 2000.
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  7. Reinecke
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  8. He’s by far my favorite. He helped me get my first job and helped advise me on my most recent job search. He’s a fantastic person.
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  9. Dr Weis (elec engineering) was my favorite. His tests are legendary for their brutality, but he cared and knew how to push students to succeed. (Think one of his sons may be a regular on kfc...)

    Worst was a grad student for Physics. He couldn’t speak hardly any English and couldn’t teach for crap. Before the days of mass internet, it made for a challenging semester for a lot of us! I remember the dude used an old rope for a belt for his pants.
  10. Dr Sally Fortenberry

    Taught 20th Century Costume. Needed a blowoff elective Sr year and she turned out to be the coolest prof i ever had. Awesome class and teacher. Was a total shock. Need to email her and tell her...
  11. What, no love for Mac Engel?
  12. Who?
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  13. Michael Cole bought me a shot because I messed up one of his lessons.

    Morrison Wong was cool. I ended up taking a couple of his sociology classes.
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  14. Ben Proctor, History of Texas
    Spencer Tucker, Vietnam War
    Don Jackson/Jim Riddlesperger, Various Political Science Courses
  15. Funny, I had her predecessor, LaLonnie Lehman, for costume class (I was a theatre major), and she was my favorite, too.

    I remember the tech theatre teacher was Nancy McCauley. She had a black Scottish Terrier named Puddles who loved to run around the rows of seats in the theatre.

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  16. Dr. Ron Flowers for Religion.

    The late Dr. Paul Boller for History.
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  17. Larry Lauer, RTVF....back in the old days
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  18. John T. Harvey. Was in his first class at TCU. He walked in late looking about 15 years old wearing a jean jacket and carrying a backpack. Dumped his pack on the desk and I thought this kid’s about to pull out his schedule and ask if he’s in the right class. Then he started in, “Jed Clampett walks in Mr. Drysdale’s office at First National Beverly Hills to makes a $35 million dollar deposit.” Got everyone’s attention and the entire semester went much the same way. He was a huge Eric Davis fan and used baseball to make lots of points in class.

    Chuck Becker. Seriously was more proud of the C I made in his class than many of the A’s I made at TCU. A sweet man who inspired me to invest on my own for the first time.

    Ben Procter. Dude was a legend but one of those hot cold professors - you either loved or hated him. I totally got his schtick and loved his classes. Took as many as I could. Favorite quote, “Have you been to (fill in blank with any destination)? Well that’s rough country and if you’ve ever been there you know what I’m talking about.”
  19. Sheesh, alot of us took bowling!

    I too had a female as the bowling teacher. Great class. Took it with a bunch of buddies and we'd always drink before class for a quality buzz.
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  20. Hartman

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