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OT - favorite Bond girl

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. My wife and I visited the Jamaica beach where Ursula Andress comes out of the sea and meets Bond for the first time. Our boat driver took our picture there. Sadly, Ursula was not there.
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  2. You also had a hand in inspiring #CUM. I like the Bond girl thread a whole lot more.
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  3. I sincerely apologize about that.

  4. This . . . Game Over
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  5. Also nice of her to name them, but I'd have gone with Left and Right.

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  6. When in doubt, go with Liz.
  7. Watching the Hunt for Red October. Lordy Alec Baldwin was handsome back in the day. Sean Connery (my favorite Bond), also. Sam O’Neil too. Lol. Good flick.
  8. Just watched it again last night. You are right on, sister.
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  9. BBC America seems to play that almost every other weekend. I always stop on it. Very good movie.
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  10. So was Gates as Mrs. Ryan.
    Heck all 3 of the Mrs. Ryan actresses are/were fine.
  11. Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite movies, but nah nobody hot is in it.
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  12. Do you ladies mind? Please control your pheromones. It’s not like we go on and on about hot women in movies and superficially decide WB or WNB all the time. That would be rude. .....,.oh wait
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  13. Fiona Volpa

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  14. Wasn’t Anne Archer one of them? She is a very pretty woman. Looked great in Fatal Attraction.
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  15. Yes, in the ones with Harrison Ford. Muy caliente, but also muy scientologisty. Pass.
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  16. Ab-Sa-fraggin-lutely
  17. Anarchist
  18. The first Mrs. Tom Brady always gets forgotten or short shrift.
  19. Not sure but I’ll give Keira Knightly an honorable mention as the 4th.
  20. WB despite having the one leg
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