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OT- Buying a new car

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by tcumaniac, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. My wife's car was totaled yesterday after it was rear-ended by a car that wasn't paying attention. Everyone is okay, but the car obviously isn't.

    Anyway, looks like I'm going to need to purchase a new vehicle very soon, so I'm scrambling to do some research and come up with the best game plan.

    This is obviously a very broad topic, but I was curious if anyone that had recently been in the market had any advice or tips.

    New vs Used vs Lease? Arguments for which route to go?

    I'm thinking we're going to go the compact SUV route... been looking at cars like the Rav4, Mazda Cx-5, Hyundai Tucson, VW Tiguan, etc.

    I'll likely need to finance part of it. I know you pay a huge premium for buying new, but there seems to be some good 0%APR financing deals out there, and I like the peace of mind knowing its never been owned by someone else. But I'm also open to going the used car route for something no more than a few years old. Probably 2015 or newer.

    Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. 1997 Prius. Collector's car.
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  3. How much will it be driven is the very first thing that could be talked about I think. My wife got a new vehicle but our circumstances are very unique.
  4. 0% financing is usually a ripoff because you loose any of the manufacturer incentives. So, you finance several thousand dollars more.
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  5. I was in a similar position recently getting my wife a newer/bigger vehicle, and I did a lot of test-driving and pricing research.

    We settled on the Kia Sorento. In early 2017, we got a certified used 2016 from a Kia dealership with 9,000 miles on it for $22K, and that came with a 10 year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

    She loves it and we have had zero issues so far. All the car ratings agencies love the Sorento as well, and it scores at the top of the class for that size SUV. Kia’s have come a long ways and are high quality now, but I feel like the general public hasn’t caught on yet so they are still priced relatively cheap.
  6. As far as lease vs buy....

    General rule of thumb is that buying is better if you’re the type to hang on to a car for a long time, but if you constantly want to upgrade and have a newer vehicle, it makes more sense to lease.
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  7. Either the Nissan Rogue hybrid or the Rav4 hybrid.

    The QX60 Infiniti hybrid is nicer but more moolah.
  8. I'm partial to the 3-year old car with about 30,000 miles on it. They're generally still under warranty, they still feel pretty new, and you'll probably get it for about 40-50% less than a new car. That's the sweet spot IMO.

    One thing about leasing in Texas is that you pay the sales tax on the purchase price of the car at lease signing rather than on each individual payment. Might not sound like much but it can add $30-40 to your lease payment. I'm generally not a fan of leasing anyway. It's mainly a way for the dealers to turn more cars, it doesn't really benefit a buyer financially in any material way.
  9. I personally prefer to buy with cash but then again I am okay with not having the latest models or most premium features. I’m the type to drive a car til it is no longer drivable.

    I usually get a 3-5 year old vehicle with great marks for reliability and repair cost. Think Toyota, Honda etc..

    PS glad to know you guys are okay. Never been in a wreck like that and I hope I never am!
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  10. Since maniac already started this thread, I’m going to go ahead and piggyback off of it. I am considering making a move to a new job, and if I do, I will have to buy a new car as well, since my current car is a company car and I sold my truck.

    I would want a large truck or SUV that I could take the whole family and dogs on road trip in, but also something I could drive around town all day every day as a sales rep and get somewhat decent gas mileage. I realize that there’s no perfect option, but I’m struggling to decide on what direction to go.

    Was thinking about maybe the crew cab F-150 or Toyota Tundra. Not the best gas mileage obviously, but I don’t think there’s a good gas mileage option for anything that large. Toyota Sequoia or Chevy Yukon would be ideal I guess, but they are out of my preferred price range.

    And recommendations are appreciated.
  11. F150 Super Crew- no brainer. More room for kids and car seats than anything else and the fold up seat in back leaves lots of floor space if no kids. I have that and the big infiniti with the third row. I like it ok but the third row is hard to get to without taking child seats out, so it’s practically useless.
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  12. Unless you have the cash to buy the new car, don't buy new.

    If you are financing, buy a lightly used car. Shop around a lot. Study the CarFax and get a mechanics opinion if you can. Only buy from reputable sources.

    Check into Carvana as well, new used car dealer on the block that is primarily based on the interwebs.
  13. We've been happy with our Subaru Forrester.

    Subaru is releasing a new third row SUV soon that we've had our eye on.

    Starts at 32k when it rolls out early summer.

    2019 Subaru Ascent Fills an SUV-Sized Hole
    New three-row model targets Honda and Toyota
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  14. Maniac, my wife’s sister just got a Honda CRV, which is that small to mid-size it sounds like you are looking for. She likes it a lot, and you know Honda makes good vehicles.

    Kia also makes a Sportage, which is basically the smaller two row version of the Sorento. I wouldn’t want to drive it personally, but I think it would be a great option for a girl in her 20’s.

    Download the TrueCar app and do a bunch of research on that thing... great way to find cars and get a good feel for what cars go for.
  15. Mrs. NWLA has a 2018 Rogue and it’s pretty nice. I’d recommend it for an entry level priced small SUV.
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  16. Honda, Toyota, Nissan can’t go wrong brochocho
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  17. Thanks for the response. To take this one step further, after selecting a particular make and model, how do you effectively go through the process of finding dealerships that have the used car you want/figure out what a good price to pay for it is? I assume a lot this is done online?

    Edit: you answer my question as I was typing this.
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  18. Seconding the CRV.

    I drive an '05 CRV and it is still kicking arse.

    Gonna drive it into the ground, with proper maintainence they last forever.
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  19. Honda vehicles as well as their powersports machines are pretty bullet proof.
  20. Also recommend a CRV. My mom bought one about 7 or 8 months ago, and I’ve driven it several times. I’ve always been a Honda fan but I was extra impressed with it.

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