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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcufrogprince1, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Many people are putting out welfare checks for the elderly. Just like our older generations, the economy and our businesses are at risk. Has your bank given you a welfare check in this troubling time? I'm a Business Development Officer for Wells Fargo. Id like to offer help to my fellow Frog Business owners that might need some financial leverage in the coming months. This isn't a plug just for business. I truly care about small businesses as they are the backbone of our country. If I can help any of you with direction or advice please feel free to IM me. I'm here for anyone who wants to review or plan out their businesses future. Loans or Lines of credit are still available. Banks are not slowing down and rates for refis are at an all time low. Best part, I'm a Free resource. Go Frogs!
  2. Good stuff prince!
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  3. problem is, certain banks (i.e. chase - scheiss you jamie dimon) don't want to give you a bank loan because the rate they can offer doesn't offer an attractive enough potential profit for the risk taken giving the loan.

    instead, they will give you a credit card where the interest rate is much higher which mean more profit and they make money each time their card gets used

    so scheiss dimon and chase again. can you tell i love them?
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  4. I thought part of the bailout package offered no-interest loans to small businesses? I don't know the details, just the headlines.
  5. do we really want to go through all the crap that has happened at chase under his watch?

    the crap in china with the party officials kid, the guy in england who lost millions, the way they took money in the bailout, won't loan money to small business, and have reaped millions in bonuses?

    there are multiple articles about him but here is one of the more recent from vanity fair about he and chase's business practices

  6. Jamie and Ron (Vice Chairman) are great, great guys (and friends too). They are looking out for the Bank but Eight has a point, too (aside from the "scheiss Dimon" stuff).
  7. since jamie has been ceo jpmorgan chase has been hit with market rigging charges, 3 different investigations for felony charges, had a trader lose over $6 billion of investors money, and the organization has paid over $35,000,000,000.00 in fines and penalties to multiple governments.

    sounds like the barry switzer of banking/ finances to me
  8. Real classy of you to kick a man while he is down. Dimon just got out of the hospital after emergency heart surgery & is still recovering.
  9. can only speak to my part of the country, but when i search the database for small business loans in the gulf coast area they are not among the leader in the number of loans.

    what they do lead in our area is in loan size and i have seen them cherry pick loans.

    maybe i am way off base, but in reading their reports it seemed to me they made their money on credit cards and moving over a trillion dollars a day

    tell you what, i am wrong, a guy who has run a business that has been fined over $35 billion in 14 years is just fine
  10. so does that mean chase has or has not been fined over $35 billion during his tenure?

    did investors lose over $6 billion because of actions by an individual trader?

    did chase get hit for rigging markets and buy influence of party officials in china?
  11. Just an observer, not a small business owner.
  12. shareholders? that is the same logic that stock market represents the state of the economy for the average working american?

    should we discuss laurence kotlikoff's opinion of dimon and how he has handed some of the banks matters?
  13. where did i mention shareholders?

    i mentioned investors who lost money in iksil's trades and interesting i am now biased after i mention the boston university econ professor who was on reagan's economic counsel who was far, far harsher on dimon in the piece he wrote in forbes in 2015 than i have been in any post here

  14. Well it’s not like he’s just been absent from this board while in the hospital and can’t defend himself until he gets back. I’m fairly certain he isn’t reading or hearing about this horrible abuse. It’s going to be ok.
  15. We should chat. My company fills in the gap for small businesses that can’t get enough or any credit from banks for various reasons. Probably could trade referrals and help out a wider swath.
  16. That's a very "his wife has cancer" reply to Costanza comment. Liked.
  17. Liked for Barry Switzer of banking. Guarantee you that's the first time those words have been uttered together in recorded human history.
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  18. I thought basketball was over

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