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OT: Best pizza in FW?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Paul in uhh, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. My favorite in Austin is probably Home Slice.
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    Olivella’s on Camp Bowie is my favorite. They moved several blocks east on Camp Bowie during the middle of Covid across the street from Kincaids. The have a super cracker crust thin “Metro” and a regular Roma (Neapolitan) crust. Get the “Don” with either crust. Comes with pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, tiny cubes of ham, and red onion. Damn it’s good. Take out only at the moment.

    Edit: Oops that’s the Dela Carne at Olivella’s. The Don is at Grimaldi’s. Just had one. Delicious!
  3. (drool...)
  4. I can’t remember the name of the place but the Italian place off 377/white settlement near Heim’s second location. They have a good pizza there.
  5. I really like Cane Rosso too. I just hardly consider that pizza. More like an Italian crepe.
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  6. It was on Washington Ave. We haven't lived in Houston for 10 years though. They used to make their sausage in-house.
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  7. Gemelle?
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  8. Wife loves Campisi's. I cannot stand it. But thankfully we both eat like pidgins so we order off the kids menu and I do not feel like I am wasting too much food. Salad is not half bad.

    Flatbread Co. opened up fairly recently in Dallas. (Yeah, yeah.) It is delicious.
  9. That bottom picture is called a cracho. Invented at TCU on a budget in about 1993.
  10. I'm so disappointed.
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  11. Via 313 is fantastic. The food truck version at the Texas beer garden on Rainy Street in particular but that’s because it pairs well with Texas beer.
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  12. Solid option. Very good.
  13. Very good pizza. I don’t eat there often though for some reason.
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  14. Anybody else watch Dave Portnoys pizza reviews? Here’s my favorite-

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  15. Fort Brewery on magnolia was the best pizza in Fort Worth. But I think it may have died. They were supposed to open a new location north of W 7th but the website countdown to open has been at 0:0:00 for months and no pizzas are being made. Their Mexican lager was the best local beer going too.
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  16. You are not the first I have disappointed. I believe it started with my parents.
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  17. i had chance to get St Louis style recently in MO from a decently well reviewed place. it's awful. And i can't hardly find a pizza I won't eat
  18. It’s not good.
  19. For you Austin folks - head over to a Bastrop on a nice day when you want to sit out on a patio, eat pizza and have a couple beers. There is a place called Neighbor’s Kitchen and Bar downtown but over looking the Colorado River and the old iron bridge. Almost all outdoor seating on decks down the slope to the river. Live music on certain days. It’s great. Pizza is a 7.5 but the atmosphere makes it better.
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  20. I know I'm in the minority, but I was totally underwhelmed by Home Slice. But my god do people love them around Austin. I need to give it another try.

    Another of my local favorites is East Side Pies. If I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season, it would be that all the children to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. If I had two wishes, it would be a fresh, hot pie from East Side Pies. Namely the Buscemi or Half Nelson.
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