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OT: any Port A tips?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, May 25, 2020.

  1. On a trip with wife and kids. First timers in Port A. Thankfully, no one is wearing a mask anywhere. Any pro tips on to-dos?
  2. Avoid the port a potties.
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  3. Maniac I think was the one who suggested to me - our favorite restaurant down there is called Venetian Hot Plate. If dine in were open you'd drop two bills between food and wine, but it's totally worth it. As it stands, they seem to only be open for take out at the moment, but with the quality of Italian food, I'm certain it would be quite delicious to take back to your room/condo.
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  4. Thanks. We went to Shells tonight for dine in. Food was great, service was slow.
  5. Bob -- how long are you in town? Shell's is a great spot...good choice!

    Blue Water Cowboy is somewhat of a tourist trap but has great food and the best sushi chef in town (second floor -- Sushi Dave). Venetian is good, La Playa is next door and has great Mexican food with a coastal flavor/twist, Lelo's is next to La Playa and is a great lunch spot. Now that Back Porch is open again you absolutely have to get the black drum nachos from Woody's next door and have a few drinks at BP.

    Coach's has a great breakfast and lots of cool sports memorabilia on the walls. Roosevelt's at Tarpon Inn is one of our favorites but can be hard to get in and pricey. Seafood and Spaghetti Works is also a go-to for us.

    Hope this helps!
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  6. We watched the TCU Ole Miss Peach Bowl at our condo at Sandpiper and ate New Years Eve at Tarpon Inn. We’ve always loved the laid back atmosphere down there. Have fun.
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  7. Thanks. Here til Sunday. Working on a fishing charter. With the youngest being 4 years old, thinking a 1/2 day bay trip is about as aggressive as we can go.
  8. I love Port Arthur. I don’t recall any of the spots mentioned above but they have a really cool refinery tour that I consider a can’t miss destination. I believe there is also a refinery museum. If you’ve got kids, I’m sure they’re already clamoring to go there.
    You could also visit the former home of CJ Chenier, the son of Clifton Chenier, who is the King of the Bayou in Zydeco music.
    So many things to do. Hope you have a blast.
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  9. Chances are, I wasn’t the only one to look it up on urban dictionary.
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  10. They’re talking about Port Aransas.
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  11. Not sure if serious...
  12. Lol, I just read the first sentence and a half and went to posting. Y’all carry on. Imma go get some coffee.
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  13. No UGK mention? Sad.
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  14. Give Larry Robinson a call -- 361-549-4389. http://www.shallow-water.com/index.html
  15. My former in laws lived their. When we visited my wife would call it our trip to thr Greater Boremont/Port Awful area.
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  16. Me and one of my best friends are heading down to Port Aransas this weekend for a weekend getaway. Will probably hook up with another buddy that lives in Rockport also. Any getaway at this point will be a great break from this living hell we have been dealing with for last couple of months. Hoping to take in some great food, lots of drinking, & some fishing. Will not be wearing mask, so will be murdering as many people as possible.
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  17. Roosevelts at the Tarpon Inn. First time I went there it was in the 60s and then it closed for quite a few years. Went a few years ago and re-opened, looking good and the food is even better.

    Island Cafe for breakfast is always a tradition especially after the old green place closed.
  18. Forgot about Island Cafe. Great breakfast if you can get past the surly door gal.

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