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OT: An Urban Apologetics Conference Needs Your Help

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. If you are not familiar, urban apologetics are Christians who work in major urban centers to spread the Gospel. They are having a conference to help arm Christians with the resources needed to engage with people in these settings. They are having some difficulty raising funds for the conference so I wanted to help get the word out for them.

    Vocab Malone is a preacher in the Phoenix area that has an active youtube page (https://www.youtube.com/user/vocabmalone) that engages various topics. He is a good advocate for Christ and so would like to see projects like this succeed to help others receive the gospel.

    If you are able, please consider donating to this worthwhile event:

  2. Is vocab related to posty?
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  3. Lol, no, he used to be a Christian rapper and that was his rap name and so he has stuck with it in part because he runs an urban church. If you are familiar with David Wood who focuses on Islam, they are good friends and are trying to put together some apologetics projects for the near future with other folks.
  4. And this is sports related?

    If not please move the thread.
  5. God bless you.
  6. Assalamu alaikum.
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  7. Get off my lawn!
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  8. A nice couple came by my house about ten days ago. Middle of my the day.

    Trying to recruit to their church/religion. Of the join us or die in the Rapture groups.

    I resisted the urge to tell them that I had been out back "finishing up my alter to Satan and the CFP committee."

    Instead I explained that I had a home church and pointed out the gun nut's neighboring house.

    I did not hear any gunshots.

    Rumpole of the Bailey used to call "The Lawyers as Christian Society" as the "God Bothering Society".
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  9. Why would I want to help raise funds for something that annoys me? Might as well be getting donation requests from Baylor athletics.
  10. It annoys you that people in the inner city might receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live with Christian morals rather than take in say the racist ideas of the 1West Black Hebrew Israelite camps or Nation of Islam or avoid living a sinful life that could lead to abortions thru Planned Parenthood and more broken homes? Or that other immigrants who come from Muslim backgrounds might abandon that faith with its assimilation issues and adopt a more Western friendly Christianity?
  11. People who actively try and push their religion on other people annoy me. That, and I'm not a Christian.
  12. Thanks for explaining what your God Bothering Society is all about.

    I'm sending a check to The Union Gospel Mission and Planned Parenthood.

    Good Luck with using Jesus to make money.


    Original post on the sports forum told me all I needed to know about this group.
  13. God bless you, sinner.
  14. That's the way to win friends and converts!
  15. God bless you too sinner.
  16. I'd be mad if that word actually meant something to me.
  17. You remind me of my the Street Preachers that showed up at Baylor during Law School years.

    Called the Baylor coeds sluts.

    When I challenged one of the men preachers about his failure quote verse correctly he told me that I was the devil.

    The Baylor undergrad students cheered for me.

    This is our time is a judgmental soul hiding behind religion to belittle others in order to make himself feel superior.

    Seriously, get some help if you truly believe calling me a "sinner" makes you a better person/Christian.

    Btw, it doesn't.
  18. I called you a sinner because you accused me of making money off Jesus. That is bearing false witness against me. I am not making any money off this. In fact, I donated to this group because I hope they will be able to bring some souls to Christ or at least keep some people from joining some bad groups. In addition, you said you were giving money to Planned Parenthood which means you are supporting abortions which is the killing of unborn babies.

    It doesn't make me feel better in any way to see a so called Christian come against other Christians like you did when you mocked this thread and encouraged it to get pushed to this ghost town forum. I don't care what you think of me. I didn't start this thread for myself. I did it with the hope that this project will be able to ultimately help bring people to Christ.
  19. Apologetics doesn't work. It only reinforces the belief in people who already believe while doing little to nothing for those that aren't already Christians of a similar nature. Why? Because Apologetics relies largely on a foundation of circular logic and a lack of foundation from anything outside its own belief system. That is, to someone who does not believe in the "evidence" presented by Apologetics will most likely not be swayed by something that says it is true simply because it says it is true.

    What Christian Apologetics Actually Accomplish (And the Faith Pool)
  20. If logic and reason really can't work in convincing people of something; then, why are you trying to convince me of something with your logic and reason?

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