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OT: 87th Legislature

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Horny4TCU, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Anyone keeping an eye on this? What are some bills to look forward to? What are some ones to watch out for?
  2. Given the idiot who is Speaker? Not much.
  3. This
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  4. There are competing bills to allow Constitutional Carry, and another to highly restrict gun sales and ownership. My personal favorite is one to return beef and pork to the list of food items which require Country of Origin Labeling. Some interesting bills were filed to clean up and bring integrity back into the voting process...like taking convicted felons off the voter rolls, purging cemetery residents, and making it difficult to vote more than once. But as Brewing Frog said, the current Speaker is from the same tree as Bonnen and Straus.
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  5. And this is sports related how?
  6. Big Frog, you didn't realize that the ultimate sport is politics??
  7. politics is about as legit a sport as professional wrestling
  8. Welfare for everyone!
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  9. I imagine the first thing to be passed will be the additional $1400 stimulus. I expect this will have near unanimous consent, since GOP senators aren’t going to want to have voting against that on their record (especially since McConnell’s refusal to bring it to the floor played a part in the outcome of the Georgia elections).
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  10. Texas. Not the U.S. Congress.
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  11. Imagine where we’d be as a country if Biden had called on the House to vote for that instead of an impeachment that won’t accomplish anything.
  12. It's not. If you're not interested in the topic move on to a sports related one.
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  13. This belongs in the general forum.
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  14. Unless you voted or supported Trump. Then it's imprisonment with the death penalty.
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  15. There are a couple gun and cannabis laws I'm keeping an eye on.... Not on the same bill. There is a pretty important gun bill, that will protect our 2A rights no matter what the feds do. And then there is a bill to decriminalize pot and allow it to be grown by anyone. Be pretty neat to get both of them passed. I want to be apart of the Green Rush when it hits Texas.
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