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OT - 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Approaching

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jun 28, 2021.

  1. That was the day the party with all the "assault" rifles decided to overthrow the government and attack our democracy, but forgot to bring their "assault" rifles.
  2. Ha ha , right. An unarmed insurrection.

    Oh wait, one guy had a crutch!
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  4. pipe bombs, firearms, anything they could get their hands on.
  5. We did that as well. Also recommend.
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  6. Paul Blart was on security detail.
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  7. Yeah let’s disrespect the blue.
  8. It is June 28th for gosh sakes. Kf.com should be ashamed to use you as their click bait shill.
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  9. That olé defense was good right up until the guy holding the Trump flag turned around and moonwalked into the capital.
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  10. I can’t believe there are people out there that think a bunch of LARPers storming the capital was going to have any effect on our democracy. Do you think that if they were successful in stopping the vote and taking control of the capitol that they were somehow now in charge of the government? Real life isn’t a game of capture the flag. Those dorks and dummies could have executed the entire house and senate and the government keeps going one hour later when the police/military take the nerds down. Nothing about our democracy was even slightly at risk. As evidenced by the whole government firing right back up a few hours later. Democracy at risk. Good lord.
  11. Please also remember that September 10, 2001 is the day we first lost G-Baby.
  12. Racist IMO.
  13. I highly question if anyone seriously believes such a ridiculous thing. I mostly just assume they are sheep cheering for their side and the narrative is that it was an insurrection so they just go along. Embarrassing if you can watch any of those videos and honestly question whether our democracy was in jeopardy. Again, just embarrassing. I dismiss anything you ever have to say regarding politics the moment you claim “insurrection.” That’s what’s great about free speech. Helps you spot the idiots.
  14. I agree with your sentiment but I guarantee there are people who believe it was an insurrection. Very difficult to grasp that there are actually people like that living among us, but I have seen real life evidence of these people. They are here on kfc as well.
  15. Article 37 of the US Constitution states “if thou sittest at the seat of the speaker whilst wearing a Viking costume, then thouest are now given the power to selecteth the next President and controlleth the military.”
  16. I am aware of people that believe it, but I find it hard to believe they have studied the issue. That's why I caveated with "people that have watched the videos", thinking no one that honestly followed the issue could think that way. Maybe you're right. Sad if so. Politics is their religion.
  17. I’m an [ Arschloch] for taking the bait.

    I’m having a hard time following, you’re saying January 6th wasn’t a big deal?
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  18. Spanish...not Mexican.
  19. So, other than a lady named Ashli Babbitt being shot and killed by a known but unnamed government person, what of real consequence happened that day? Tell us.
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  20. Define “big deal” please.

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