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OSU game stat from Twitter

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Mar 25, 2020 at 11:09 PM.

  1. Appears GP has his lunch eaten by Gundy with unbalanced formation...woof

  2. Unbalanced formation is asshoe.
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  3. I think it was more about Hubbard and less about the formation.
  4. Dead
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  5. Successful test run on transitioning Coronavirus humor into sports discussions. I look forward to the first "Jarrett Anderson is asshoe" after we give up a sack on the opening play of the fall.
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  6. With Jerry Kill now in charge I'm pretty sure the first play is going to be a fullback dive.
  7. Not having a DE worth a damn was more of reason over any formation imo. We still win if refs call PI
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  8. May be the fall of 2021...
  9. pretty sure if the 2020 season gets cancelled it will be anderson and cumbie's fault
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  10. It's probably too soon to incorporate "Kill" into my Coronavirus humor repertoire.
  11. never too early to try out new material.

    kevin hart on a joe rogan podcast said he starts trying out new material up to 2 years before going out on a major tour.

    start with using it on a smaller, less trafficked thread and gauge the response
  12. There is no mystery between Gundy and Patterson. They both know exactly what the other is doing. 18 Patterson Def kicked Gundy in the groin. In 19 Gundy's offense did the same to us...At the end of the day its about execution and we didn't do it in the front 6
  13. Debatable as to the what the main driver was because the DE apparently managed to handle the remaining plays at 4.4 yards per play while unbalanced was 25.8 yards per play. I think we can agree that they both sucked in some fashion.
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