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OLD stuff - Wacker and campus

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by East Coast, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Since I'm stuck at home like most of you, I've been using some of this time to work on all the old boxes sitting in my basement. In one of the boxes I found a lot of old frog stuff. Interestingly, one of the items included a map of TCU campus sometime in the mid to late 1980's, and another was an column from the Houston Chronicle concerning Coach Wacker turning us in (pretty much a positive take). I've attached photos of both. Site made me split the article in 3....

    Map of TCU Campus mid 1980s.jpeg Map of TCU Campus mid 1980s.jpeg Article on Jim Wacker Houston Chronicle Sept 23 1985 1 of 3.jpeg Article on Jim Wacker Houston Chronicle Sept 23 1985 2 of 3.jpeg Article on Jim Wacker Houston Chronicle Sept 23 1985 3 of 3.jpeg

    Also found some stuff on Killer's NCAA team, if anyone is interested..
  2. Oops, managed to attached the map twice and don't know how to remove it..
  3. Thanks for posting.

  4. Or the Wacker Clacker?
  5. I had a pair.
  6. I used to have a pair too. Then I got married and my wife removed them.
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  7. The parking lots are accurate but the spaces are not. Probly half that many. Trust me.
  8. Did people meet at frog fountain back in these times to settle "disputes?"
  9. where burr shot hamilton
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  10. I kept them until the last move in 2003....Too much weight gain over the years and the feet just wouldn't tolerate those shoes....For memorabilia purposes, I see the error of my ways....
  11. I read that as Kappas. Made @BABYFACE 's comment better.
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  12. I can'r read about the Wacker/NCAA thing without wanting to punch a wall (tried it once..broken 5th metacarpal. Ouch, and my hand looks a little odd since. Damn David Berst and his cronies.
  13. From what I can tell, the date of the map is bounded by 1988 (Moncrief Hall opening) and 1999 (still has old track).
  14. It could be as late of 1990. I was doing college nights, etc for TCU through the Links program for awhile. The last year I did that was 1989, so it is possible they sent me some materials in 1990.
  15. I miss that campus. That was my campus during my time there, 90-94. Don't get me wrong, campus now looks great and has many amenities, but it's practically unrecognizable to me. But I miss that campus posted above. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Today's campus is a startling contrast compared to the campus that existed

    when I arrived as a freshman in 1952. In comparison, the composition of the

    1952 campus appears to be decidedly archaic and deficient. However, at the

    age of eighteen and away from home for the first time.....we simply didn't know

    any better. lol
  17. Back then they brought their own luffas, exfolliants, and shower caps.
  18. Not to mention the coeds.

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