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OK, someone has to begin: 2314's "impeachment" thread

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by 2314, Dec 4, 2019 at 2:42 PM.

  1. The Dems are stupid. Nothing here, impeachable. Their short-sighted lust and hated for President Trump will cost them the 2020 House and Trump will win in the biggest landslide in USA history. BTW, for the record, I am not a Trump lover - I do not wear a 'Make America Great Again' cap and I do not like his manner as President and I HATE the teeny-bopper tweets (please, stop). But I also look at politics through my head and not my heart, and his record so far is fantastic. Just think, the "racist" has created more jobs for African-Americans than President Obama did and AA unemployment is at a record low. He has created more jobs and the economy hasn't been better in the last decade, maybe two. He is a strange dude (and he killed the USFL) but he is a good president no matter how goofy I think is. I never really respected him before he got elected but he has won me over. I am glad I voted for him, and I will again in November. The Democrats, OTOH, are embarrassing and their actions - their undying hatred - is not good for this country. Those "lawmakers" have spent every waking minute trying to take down The President and not doing what they were voted in to do, but, they will pay in November. 2314 has "spoken."
  2. His record has been good, his corruption hasn't been. Sure seems like there's a lot of smoke to the accusations, but really everyone knows the score here and nobody is changing their minds. He'll be impeached because the Dems have the votes in the House. He'll be acquitted because there's nowhere near the votes in the Senate. As you said, it's a play by the Dems for 2020, to tie Republicans to Trump when they vote to not impeach / acquit, and swing marginal open seats towards them. We will see how it works out. The President was narrowly elected, and has gotten less popular since taking office. I wouldn't be too sure either way but, you know, we saw where that got me in 2016.
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  3. Less popular? Didn't the media just report he has his highest overall approval rating?
  4. When he first took office, he was at 44% approve and 44% disapprove. His overall approval is roughly where it's been for most of his presidency, excluding the first 12 months or so when he was down in the 30's. Floating right around the low-to-mid-forties. However, his disapproval rating has risen since taking office. He started in the mid-40s, but has not been below 50% there since early 2017. Right now it's sitting about 53%. That's a 9% lean towards disapproval compared to even when he first took office.

    (And keep in mind, "his highest approval rating" isn't saying much, since he's never cracked 50% in any poll aggregate.)

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