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OK, so y’all want a new OC........

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Nov 9, 2019 at 8:31 PM.

  1. Easier said than done, especially reporting to Gary. Exactly who’s gonna come in here that is palatable to HCGP and inventive enough to be a success? You already shot down a return for Meacham. Who then?
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  2. Hey, I was all for Meach. Still am.
  3. Your mom!
  4. nah, my sister is a better passing coordinator.
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  5. Chad Morris is about to get fired and we know he’s a hell of an OC.

    And he’s a Texas boy with great recruiting connections with TX HS coaches.
  6. That didn't take too long. Thanks Original Poster for pointing out how easy it can be to find an answer to a question.

  7. I thought they were stuck with his contract?
  8. Plus, he could help us steal SMU's signs. That's the key to all victories in that series.
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  9. Our program has gone stale, we need to make a change or two. He can make Cumbie a qb coach but a change needs to be made.
  10. No way Gary would take Morris. He’s all pass all the time.
  11. I don't care who it is other than a Briles, but we need new blood. We can't block, we can't catch, and our play calling stinks. Oh that and a Special Team's Coach.
  12. How about we just go get App St's HC let him decide which role he wants?
  13. Doesn't matter when you get boat raced by Western Kentucky after already losing to SJSU.
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  14. Why do we have so many idiots here who think a G5 head coach for a top 25 program will leave to be a coordinator?
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  15. I didn't say OC...
  16. Don't think he meant leave to be a coordinator here.
  17. I said earlier Derek Dooley. Has been a P5 HC, NFL WR coach in Dallas so he’s comfortable living here I’m assuming and is the OC for Missouri where Shawn went, so there has to be some semblance of relationship between him and us if Mizzou did their homework.
  18. Anyone that thinks Chad Morris has a future at TCU needs to find an AA sponsor.
  19. I concur. No modern, talented, imaginative, run-and-gun, let it fly type OC is ever going to come here because Gary doesn't want that kind of offense. Gary wants ball control. We're going to be stuck with the garbage we have for as long as Gary is here. He used to say win by 1 point. Well, we've learned that's not really true. Because he doesn't like 60-59 one point victories.
  20. How in the hell are there not more successful OCs that know how to design/call both passing AND running plays?!?! W....T....F

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