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Offseason Cord Cutting: YouTube TV or Hulu TV?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Now that Sony has announced the end of Vue will come at the end of the month, I need to find a replacement for the excellent service I've been enjoying for the last two years. It looks like YouTube TV and Hulu TV are the only two real contenders with a similar channel lineup. We've had Hulu for the last 12 months thanks to a freebie with my Spotify subscription, but other than watching a few films we don't use it much, and my only experience with YouTube is their basic video service. So, does anyone here use one of these two subscription services and if so can you enlighten us as to why you're a happy subscriber (or not)?

    I'm specifically looking for information on:
    • Do these services suck the bandwidth from your internet (slow down in surfing while streaming)?
    • Offer good features and streaming away from home (on trips in and out of your home area)?
    • Allow for multiple streams (devices)?
    • Is the DVR feature and access to On Demand content easy to use?
  2. I have both at different places. I recommend YouTube.

    Coupled with T-Mobile (free Netflix, unlimited data at $110 a mth for two lines), my wife and I save about $1,500 a mth cutting all the useless shhh-crap. The downside is you will likely lose a channel or two you occasionally watch. So what. Go to a bar or download it.
  3. YouTubeTV is great! Cut the cord in April 2017 after 21 years with DirecTV. I had sling then went to YouTubeTV in November 2017. I'll never go back to DirecTV or cable.

    The YouTubeTV app is great! I watch a lot on my phone in meetings, riding in the car (not driving) ,etc.

    The DVR is great! Unlimited! I can watch it on my phone, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Roku, etc.

    For the $, I think YouTubeTV is a great service!
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  4. Another vote for YouTube TV
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  5. Plus I'm getting Frogs basketball tonight on YouTubeTV! Not on DirecTV. F att! They royally screwed up DirecTV.
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  6. HuluTV was fine, but ever since Disney+ the app has been acting weird. A lot of buffering, dropped coverage. It has been weird. I will probably try out YouTubeTV
  7. Went with YouTube and no regrets at all.
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  8. I think their infrastructure is overwhelmed. They didn't estimate their demand well.

  9. Satisfied YouTube TV customer for about six months now.
  10. Same boat. Did the free week with both and liked YouTube better. Didn’t notice a streaming difference. Youtube has an unlimited dvr (but only stores for 9 months) and felt more intuitive. And you apparently can access the dvr on devices anywhere, though I didn’t try that out. Youtube allows 6 simultaneous streams. Hulu I think was 3.
  11. Same boat. Was a Vue customer, switched to YouTube, then agreed to switch back so my wife could get the Hallmark channel. Now Vue is going away. Gotta make a move again in January (due to aforementioned hallmark channel the forced change is welcome, tbh). Thanks to all for the comments on YouTube vs. Hulu.
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  12. Been using YouTubeTV for about three months now. I watch games all over the place - cell phone, computer, tablet - without issue. No regrets.
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  13. I have a subscription to YOUTUBE TV. (Note: I still have my sat service, this is mainly to sub for losing some fox sports regional channels and being on the road. I saved up for this spoiled experiment, so don't judge. And keep that in mind as you are likely more tech savvy than I. )
    It is a very cool service, IMO.
    I don't get some channels that I would like. (Certain hunting channels, rural/ag/western sports channels, etc.) But I have that on my sat package.

    To you questions:
    • Do these services suck the bandwidth from your internet (slow down in surfing while streaming)?
    • Has not seemed to do that for us. But I really have not had to test it that much. When I am watching it, only surfing I am doing is KF.c (usually on the phone).
    • Offer good features and streaming away from home (on trips in and out of your home area)?
    • Went with youtube tv over hulu because of the ability to use it on the road. Also on my phone. Again, this is a spoiled wish list test run. Not sure how long it will run. But its a cool deal and I have had no problems.
    • Allow for multiple streams (devices)?
    • yes
    • Is the DVR feature and access to On Demand content easy to use?
    • yes and it is unlimited. frickin insane.
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  14. Cut the Cord/Satellite 4 months ago and very pleased with Hulu. However, they are going up to $55 p/mo. from $45 and only 2 devices available at this time ... which is all our household requires.
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  15. I had Vue for several months, and while the channel selection was better, for whatever reason it would buffer constantly on me (running on Apple TV, but I have 1000 mbps Internet so it had nothing to do with my speed). So in August I switched to YouTube TV and it’s not even a close comparison IMO. I never run into streaming issues and the app is amazing on phones/tablets. DVR is incredible as well.

    I will very occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) have to reset my AppleTV as the picture will freeze for a few frames at a time, then speed up to catch back up to the audio. Still a million times better than cable and cheaper to boot.
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  16. I’ve had YouTube since August of 2018 and it’s awesome. Every sports channel plus the unlimited DVR accessible from anywhere is awesome. Only thing better would be if they let you download shows for flights like Netflix
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  17. Do y'all really watch tv on your phones? That sounds horrid. I must be the oldest young guy (or youngest old dude) on this forum. I just don't get the whole "watching tv on the phone" thing.

    I already run Kodi on a Raspberry Pi and use Exodus, that satisfies all of my movie and tv series addictions. It's "free", to boot.

    I slightly miss my beeper. It's cool having a computer in my pocket, though.
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  18. You just hit nail on cranium. How is Hallmark streamed?
  19. I watch it on a sweater.
  20. Love my Roku TV and YouTubeTV.

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