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Official Coaching Search Thread….


Any idea whether or not Mullen would be interested in TCU? -- might be a drop-off after 2 reasonably successful (by most people's standards) SEC gigs.

Any idea whether or not TCU would be interested in Mullen? -- rumor has it ( :) ) that his termination at Florida was not just about wins and losses.

Serious questions, to the extent that any questions linking TCU with Mullen are serious.
Well…good point. I look at his record and he is 103-61 (69-46 at Miss St and 34-15 at Florida). His time at Miss St was middle of the pack but he was first or second in his division at Florida every year but this one. So it would make sense that something outside of the game has caused his departure. But 247 is reporting that Dykes is signed so I am good with him and his staff.