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Moose, I respect you a lot but that’s a statement that’s unprovable. I understand trends, but we’ll never know if GP couldn’t have reversed things like he did in 2014. I’m not saying he would have, but we’ll never know.
GP had a winning record last year, didn't he?

Regardless, this is a meh hire. Dykes can at least beat lesser teams, but is lacking big wins.


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Now that is a valid criticism. It could be said that we've had this difficulty as well, what with highly starsied recruits that turn out to be busts...

It's like nobody knows how to evaluate talent anymore, and just rely on the imbeciles that run recruiting magazines or websites...
Those recruit rankings are weighted to heavy pertaining to measurables. Thus, a team full high star recruits, runs the risk of ending up with a team full of great athletes but only half are good FB players.


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The “mindset in the bunker” was that things had gotten really bad with GP and we had to make a move, and in tipping that domino over we knew our future was even further out of our control than before. At the end of the day, literally nobody knows how good or bad a hire will be, but the professionals in college athletics and football feel good about Sonny and all he will bring to TCU vs the course we were on. Time will tell where that path will lead.
Pffft! What do college athletics and football professionals know? Can they flyfish, ticket or lurk?


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So now FBS G5 to FBS P5 is no longer valid? At some point we will run out of coaches to consider.

Everyone is trying to put so many limitations you will never be right as no one will meet them. There is risk in all coaching hires. They often have success at one stop but may not at another, there are a lot of factors involved which is why it is important to find a coach with abilities then match them to the school and resources, not just we want a coach that has won a national championship at an FBS school. Shoot who was the coach that won one at Miami then went on the be so-so the rest of his career...
Howard Schnellenberger
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And Schmidt stayed a whole five seasons.
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