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Official 2019 Degenerate Gambler Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Football in 5 days. Who ya got?

    Miami vs Florida (-7) in Orlando.
    Arizona (-11) @ Hawaii.

    I am thinking Florida and Hawaii.
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  2. I think the dogs cover both.
  3. I got Miami and Zona.
  4. I'm leaning towards Miami to cover, possibly even win. No idea on AZ/Hawaii
  5. Yeah, I’ll take points in week 1.
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  6. florida and arizona. Did get my TCU over 7.5 wins down this weekend though.
  7. This is where I am, though I really have no clue on Hawaii. Just figure they're usually not very good and first game of the season may have that exacerbated a bit more. Don't think highly of Zona, just that little of Hawaii.

    I feel like Miami may win that one so I'd take them with that many points for sure.
  8. Don't gamble, but do appreciate when these threads come up. Interesting to follow.
    That said. Florida and Zona
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  9. My model says, at the moment, Florida and Hawaii but I am still waiting on one more input to come in before its complete. I'll be at Red Rock on Saturday.
  10. I’m leaning Gators and bows
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  11. I’d take FL and Az...
  12. Question... Anybody ever tried to just bet big money on favorites (money line) all year? Just pulling a 10% return per bet, say $3k per bet returning $300, and just roll home?
  13. Miami and The Bows both cover. The Bows backdoor and the Canes win outright.
  14. I see I’m the only one who thinks the ‘bows have a good shot to win the game. Out on a limb.
  15. I always take the team with the better QB and O-line. Historically that strategy has worked about 50% of the time.
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  16. Roll Tide
  17. I'll take the under on Florida/Miami. 47.
    Arizona -13.
  18. I think Florida wins by 14+. I know it is early and you don’t know these teams, but out me down as UF as a lock!
  19. Oops, missed the gambler part of the thread title.

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