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Ode to the Smoos ... Reprisal

Deep Purple

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Originally posted circa 2008...

Ode to the Smoo's
A pome by Deep Purple

Did you get the word?
Have you heard the news?
There’s death and despair
in the land of the Smoo's.

There’s weeping and wailing,
most dolorous toll,
since the Man shut down
their football payroll.

The red is all faded.
All that’s left are the blues
overshadowed by purple
in the land of the Smoo's.

O they have their bombast.
They have the mouth.
And they have this delusion:
“the Harvard of the South.”

But their bravado is false.
Their trash talk is phony.
For no one is cowed
by a Shetland pony.

So spread the word,
and broadcast the news:

The Smoo's
usually lose
to the TCU’s.