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odds nick would have done the same thing as petersen

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. story out of seattle that a 4-star linebacker recruit from reno asks huskie hc chris petersen for his release to return home for family matters. key point is the young man had not enrolled in uw for classes.

    petersen grants the young man his release and is apparently headed to where? not reno, but tuscaloosa and it is possible he will be able to enroll in time to join bama this year and provide depth to a thin linebacker position which raises a few questions.

    did the young man honestly change his mind about uw? was he contacted by someone connected to the bama program? i am in favor of the new transfer rule, but not in favor to this extent.


    what is most interesting to me is the linked articles are from creg stephenson who writes for the alabama media group and not the seattle papers.
  2. Forget it, Eight... It's Bama.
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  3. Shady.

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  4. Extended family
  5. This transfer rule will only help the mega schools. scheiss the NCAA.
  6. Father was probably offered a new job in the major economic hub of Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, so the family had to move. Sounds legit.
  7. Smells a lot like $$$$$$$. Welcome to high stakes college football...
    BEAT tosu!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and scheiss baylor & bama!!
  8. Yup....We gonna Get railroaded just like this very soon....Welcome to CFB Free Agency...
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  9. Agree.
  10. If we are careful and only take kids that want to be frogs, we can hedge against this. I think.
  11. Very true....But...17 year olds are prideful creatures and if a blue blood comes calling promising them playing time many will go brain dead.
  12. Poaching other teams Quarterbacks will become its own sport.
  13. Husky nation taking it hard...They are claiming that the kids mom and dad divorced leaving the dad broke...They believe the dad sold his son to Bama...
  14. talking to a family member in seattle the young man had not enrolled at uw because he still was not eligible. apparently missing a credit for a class which is what opened the door for the request to be released and then head to bama.

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