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OBJ acting crazy

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. What the heck?

  2. what is it with big name NFL WR's ? too many hits over the middle?
  3. Too few hits over the middle IMO. Some of these guys need to be Jack Tatumed into next week for a little humility lesson if you ask me.
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  4. I hope they never let him on the field or in the locker room again. He is getting pounded in La.
  5. Evidently he exhibited the mental state of the proverbial rattus rattus in an earth-closet...
  6. He’s already in jail?
  7. Antonio Brown worse. And they post it all to social media like they are being heroic or something.
  8. I can definitely buy, "altered," but that ain't "drunk." No loss of motor skills/balance, etc. Out of control mania. I'm thinking he wouldn't have passed a NFL pee test for about 3 days after.
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  9. It’s like he was drunk for the first time or something.
  10. HaHa. I wish I was this quick.
  11. It's called cocaine
  12. He was in trouble all over that stadium down into the locker room post game and now with a warrant for his arrest. Idiot.
  13. ^^^

    "No more calls please, we have a winner."
  14. The thread title makes me think of an old favorite Mickey Mouse joke punchline. "I didn't say she was acting crazy, I said she was *#@*ing Goofy." (spoken in Mickey's voice)
  15. Not that kind of “pounded”! I am laughing REALLY hard trying to type this!
  16. I had to check the date the thread was started...
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  17. I bet he had a couple of Hand Grenades at Tropic Isle before the game. Those things are like liquid meth. A few of those and you lose your [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] fast.
  18. OBJ and AB just not right in the head. Sad

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