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Obinna Eze Fund --- Update on his situation


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Posted by a member of the 247 board but would love for the KillerFrogs board to raise some money for Eze as well.

Alright guys- Here is the latest update and instructions on how to make Obinna Eze's parents come in for Senior Day. Many of you have sent me DM's, posts, etc about wanting to help. This is a HUGE way to make it happen for one of OL.

Small recap, Obinna Eze, our starting LT, transferred to become a Frog this year from Memphis. He came to the US from Nigeria and has not been able to see his parents in years due to finanical reasons and Covid. His parents have never seen him play a college football game. I will link his interview with Jeremy here to bring you a refresher. Needless to say, sharp young man and an amazing ambassador to TCU football.

After speaking with TCU, they were denied by the NCAA in approving the actual donation of paying for his parents to come to TCU from Nigeria through standard ways. After speaking with Ike, Taryn, and Michael, and Cam Fenton in TCU compliance, they got creative and we have come up with making tax-deductible donations to the “Football Discretionary Fund”. However, TCU has a clause in their donations that allows for promotions through senior night. As you can imagine, this is a small amount (flowers, framed senior jersey, etc) and does not have ability to afford players families to fly in and attend. This is where Coach P basically is saying there are grey areas and we need to step up!

THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN! Below is a link to TCU Frog Club donations for “Football Discretionary Fund”. DO NOT INDICATE ON THE PAGE FOR A PLAYER SPECIFICALLY> JUST WRITE “Football Discretionary Fund”.

Donate for 2 reasons here -

Mainly for Obinna Eze to have his parents arrive from Nigeria to see their son play football for the first time as a Frog! Neither his parents or he has the funds to allow them to travel this far to do such. Whether its $20-500, it all counts!!! Imagine never seeing your child play the game they love. I have spoken with directors at FCA and said Obinna is a born leader, strong in his Christian faith, mentor to some of the young OL on the team. They said he LOVES being a Frog! He recently was married last summer and his parents were not able to come to the US because of Covid protocols. Overall, GREAT KID and needs our help to make this season as a Frog a memorable one.

The 2nd is to show that we support our players. NIL, good deeds, whatever you would like to call it, we are all blessed beyond our wildest imagination. A little support can go a long way. Recruits notice things like this. Coaches can sit in a living room of a recruit and say that our fans take care of our kids as well. This is just a small token to do such.

PLEASE consider giving to Obinna. We are trying to raise $4,000 to get his parents here for Senior night.


In the Comments, select “Football Discretionary Fund”.

If you have ANY questions, please email me. THANK YOU FROGS!!!

James JamesDWinter@hotmail.com



Done. Any idea on where the total stands?


Just beat anybody
Update from Jimmycorn on 247



We did it! I am happy to share that more than 60 donors gave over $8,000 to the Football Discretionary Fund since Tuesday when this was first posted. This effort will get his family to the US to see his son play on Senior Day!!!!

Going forward, TCU will do the rest. This would not have happened without your support and love for TCU. For each of you that took the time to donate your hard earned money for a greater cause, THANK YOU!!!

Sleep well tonight knowing that your financial help impacted a young mans life directly. GO FROGS!!!!