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No Zach Evans thread yet?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, May 11, 2020.

  1. I don't think this puts a dent in Foster or Barlow's dedication as a Frog. Richardson on the other hand was supposedly told he would be the only RB in this class? Quite a change.
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  2. if luper made that promise all works out.....

    that does make 3 potential running backs and curious if miller is given a look on defense
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  3. Break the dam what?
  4. Miller I hear can also play LB
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  5. I think these guys know that every team takes the best players that come available at any time.. Nowadays, 3 or more running backs will get a good sampling of carries to prove their mettle.. If they're just flat beat out or they don't protect the rock, then they can and probably will enter the transfer portal and that's good for them and probably good for us in that we get an open spot to find a more suitable talent.. I believe the new transfer portal rules could prove to be good for us.. I'm glad we're not still in the G5- we could have ended up being a farm team for even the Baylors and Techs of the P5..
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  6. with the amount of injuries TCU has had over the last few years I would sign 10 running backs if they were good.
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  7. holding back TCU from getting 5 star talent.
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  8. His hair alone could probably start for a lot of P5 programs, too.
  9. crazy how some have forgotten about barlow and foster who are great prospects in their own rights
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  10. I'm sure there are some recruiting threads on here somewhere.
  11. Georgia wanted him a lot.
  12. Zach was a five star because he’s built to hit the field on day 1..That doesn’t take away from how good Barlow and Foster will be....Recruiting rankings only project/reflect size,speed, agility, and strength. We now have 3 RBs that are capable of carrying us to great heights. The competition for carry’s is going to be a bloodbath and we’ll be better for it.
  13. all three caught the ball out of the backfield in high school some, though i don't think very far down the field

    will be interesting to see if that continues as the frogs did throw to the backs quite often when meacham was here before
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  14. There goes Demercado’s touches.
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  15. Not to be well actually guy, but 247's stated mission on 5 stars is to project the first round draft picks. Not sure how it was, but one of their main guys said that the fact that RBs aren't getting taken in the first round as much actually impacts how many 5 star RBs they will have. Crazy, but 5 stars will be DEs, QBs, WRs, and OTs from here out more or less because that is who gets drafted in the first round these days.
  16. What your describing about 247 is actually one more talked about criticism of their business model. Stars just represent how a recruits physical abilities compare to first round talent. Having said that, stars do matter in regard to who plays for championships. If you’ve ever spent any time reading about BCR or Blue Chip Ratio, it’s proven to be very accurate at predicting real National Title contenders.

    Technically your right a 5 star is just 1st round projector but I think you and I know the 1st round indicators they are looking at all related to size, speed, and agility
  17. Which is somewhat idiotic given these are rankings for kids going to college, not the NFL. I get what they're saying, but the fact that the NFL has a shift against RBs shouldn't impact the college rating. A top tier RB can still be pretty impactful at the college level if used correctly.

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