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No predictions?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BedfordFrog68, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. A UT hangover
  2. Is it even possible to predict this game? Two teams equally capable of being good or awful. I predict that someone will win.
  3. Prediction: No matter what, Muck still sucks.

    Where's my t-shirt?
  4. First serious response

    I think the key to the game is defensively, we have to contain Spencer Sanders. He is not a good passer. He reminds me a lot of Boykin in 2012/2013 or Shawn Robinson last year. Shows signs of potential, but is very inconsistent. Can't let him beat us with his legs when we have good pass coverage. Chuba will get his, can not let Spencer also run on us like Brock Purdy did. With Tylan Wallace out I think we can afford to adjust our defense a bit to dare them to throw it over our heads.

    Offensively I don't want Max to try and do it all by himself. Try to get the run game going early. Don't abandon it if its not working out in the 1st drive or 2. In our losses the problem is we have fallen behind and feel the need to play catch up by throwing the ball.

    My gut says we win this game by 3. Both of our teams are inconsistent but I think we are closer to solving our problems than Oklahoma State is and our defensive advantage is greater than their offensive advantage.
  5. Our track record is Stillwater isn’t good. It’s seemingly a safe bet.

    Other way to look at it is, we’re probably due for another W up there, but tough to say. Glad I don’t gamble.
  6. 48f at kickoff — brr.
  7. Oky State - 27
    TCU - 24

    I think Oky State is better than their record and with this game in Stillwater I don't love it, even with Wallace out.
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  8. If defense can snag 4 passes every game I predict we could win out.
  9. It has to be the Darius Anderson show like 2 years ago. We have to have the running game come out strong to open up the slips to Reagor and Barber.

    I just hope Cumbie doesn’t come out lame this week after the big win.
    Go Frogs!

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