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NO MORE MASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by tcumaniac, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Now, what possible explanation could there be for only allowing 25% capacity at Lupton?

    Jeremiah, open the stadium. This has gone on far too long
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  2. I’m not in TX, so just curious - any reasons given for this taking effect next Wednesday as opposed to immediately?
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  3. Probably a plea deal with the Dems to let them cling to power for another week. But really, probably to allow businesses time to prepare to fully reopen.
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  4. Hasn't gone into effect yet but this is already what it feels like.
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  5. Just watch yourself these next 7 days.

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  6. The article I read said March 3, aka tomorrow
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  7. The comments on twitter are so depressing. Our society is doomed.
  8. No more excuses Jeremiah and TCU.

    Stop being a bunch of pussies.

    End the mask requirement, and give season ticket holders our baseball seats back.
  9. Me too. I hope that’s the only article anyone sees.
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  10. Abbot said "next Wed." in the presser, but what the Executive Order says is what matters.
  11. I have never been more jealous in my life.
  12. Holy cow, you were not kidding. It's incredible how many people consider this "bad news".
  13. The comments on Twitter is the worst place on earth and light years from reality.
  14. scheisss given about these people = ZERO. If it bothers you then feel free to stay home and wear a mask (or three).
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  15. Clay Travis tweet so you know it's real.
  16. Plenty of time to organize a mask burning party

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