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  1. You completely missed his point.
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  2. I am and will be eternally grateful that I was born and live here. If you had an ounce of human compassion you’d already be down there liberating those folks from those “concentration camps” unless you think that the “concentration camps” on the border are safer and more humane than the countries from which they come. And FWIW - they aren’t generally coming from representative republics. So yes, I’m blessed to live in the greatest country in the world.
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  3. Correct, but there's a fair bit of space between "I wish our immigration system was more efficient and this wasn't happening" and "We are running concentration camps at the border".
  4. By fair bit you mean the entire spectrum.
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  5. You continue to engage in this discussion, which is good.

    Help me understand the similarities between the detention centers at our southern border and the concentration camps in Nazi Germany (or if you prefer, let me know which other concentration camps you were referring to).

    However, I'm certain that my mother's cousin would have jumped to trade his torture and starvation in Germany with up to 90 days eating bologna sandwiches in an overcrowded air conditioned detention center.
  6. Boy this thread got long and complicated.

    I guess I'll chime in too. I like Nike. OK bye.
  7. I like Nike too. They are helping demonstrate that racism isn’t much of an issue anymore.
  8. Just caught up on this thread. Whew boy, DeuceBoogieNights...

  9. Hey, remember when your people said the situation on the border was a manufactured crisis? And now you somehow manufactured a crisis out of a manufactured crisis. Only in America!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Darnell Hayes said I could say that.
  12. I understand why they are coming here, but I'm not going to let them just break into my house, stay, and have me pay for everything when there are actual citizens of this country that need help. There are people trying to become citizens the legal way, but they can't because of all of the ones coming over illegally (cutting in line).

    Every country has immigration laws. Should anyone be allowed to go to another country and stay and break their laws? Please try going to another country and see what happens when you break their immigration law and see how they handle you.

    People rob banks because they are wanting a better life also. Should we show them compassion too? Geez, anyone comparing the border situation to concentration camps has lost all sight of reality.
  13. I'm not going read all this thread, am not going to dispose of my Nike TCU and golf gear, and don't want to change uniform companies. But, I do think that Nike's actions are misguided. The flag in question is formally an American flag and should stand as such. It can't be co-opted as a racist symbol unless the decent people are willing to cede it to the racists. Unfortunately, it appears that the entire controversy has served to just play into the hands of those who want to do that.
  14. I’m just going to weigh in from a completely neutral stance ...those shoes in question are okay (no opinion on them), but I have the same AM 1 on in a diff color way and they fly
  15. Makes me wonder what all the liberal NE states are going to do, you see those circular thirteen star flags everywhere in New England...
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  16. They're the most racist.
  17. Thought I was going to get thrown off the ferry to. Nantucket after my wife asked why we weren’t going to Martha’s Vineyard when I was overheard saying they were holding the Ted Kennedy Drive, Sink and Swim Triatholon on MV...

    Start a new trend and have personalized with a swoosh and a circle with a line through it ...
  18. Nike products have always sucked. Especially their shoes. It's not hard to find a better brand at the same price in every category. Their running shoes are the worst on the market. And I felt this way years before their leftist insanity.
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  19. so did bowerman
  20. As for running shoes I prefer New Balance. Nike shoes squeak and make noise and are not as good as NB. I have experience with this!

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