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    You're saying that the term concentration camp doesn't evoke Nazi Germany, while calling others ignorant?
  2. Being outraged is the only thing Americans are good at any more..........unless you are a women's soccer player.
  3. They were called detention centers when Obama was president. That seemed to work OK.
  4. If the migrants are fleeing gang violence in their home countries, I may know someone who can solve the problem

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  5. What’s everybody’s thoughts on abortion?

    (I’ll hang up and listen)
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  6. I think we should abort this thread.
  7. Not a big Baylor fan...
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Your avatar conjures up thoughts of domestic violence and overall idiocy. I'm offended.
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  10. Didn't Nike have child labor making some of their shoes/clothes? Have they stopped?

    Slavery has been with us since the beginning of recorded history. Kappy boy is a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] with a changing agenda and BS facts.

    Is this thread really seven pages? It'll grow some more, and morph into more areas...pitiful.
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    OK, flags previous to 1865 are now racist (it makes one "uncomfortable")?

    So by Colin's/Nike's new standard, then bye bye to the state flags of:

    The Confederacy
    (Georgia -new flag in 2003, they get a pass)

    "Slave States" that didn't secede in 1860-61:

    "Slave States" in 1789 (US Constitution ratification)
    New Jersey
    New York
    part of NE Ohio (was not a state at the time)

    Fail to Nike for their lack of gonads and paying money to CK!

    (To some degree I'm kidding here. These state flags aren't "racist" or reflect their state's history of legal slavery regardless of what KC says - in his sole judgement, IMO. I just wonder if this line of thought will metastasize into some/many of these states to re-doing their pre-1865 flags because their legislators will fall prey to this type of history blackmail by the CK's of this country.)
  12. I'd be fine with saying bye bye to the state flag of Mississippi.

    Maryland too, but that's just because it gives me a headache.
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  13. Are we sure that Nike just didn't pull this shoe because it wasn't that good looking?
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  14. If you truly believe this then you are duty-bound to do whatever you can do by whatever means possible to liberate those people being tortured and awaiting execution and to do so immediately and assist in getting them back to their homes.
  15. First of all, it's not necessarily easy to just walk out and think about why they are leaving their homes in the first place. You are scheissing lucky you were born in the United States. Have a little compassion in your life.
  16. have you looked at the rest of their shoe line?

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