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  1. Do they make those? Could be a fun icebreaker on the next CME cruise we take with the in-laws.
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  2. Probably time to change your name and avatar.
  3. Anybody in the USA can say or think whatever they want to and if you want to get all lathered up about what other people think then feel free. I care about CK for one reason only. Without his fantastic 2010 performance vs Boise St., my Frogs would have missed out on the Rose Bowl and probably the Big 12. I think we should retire his number !
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  4. This is one of the dissimilarities between my relative's experience and those at the southern border.
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  5. Ah, the tragically hip phase.
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  6. Is this for real? Just this week I've heard someone compare the proposed border wall to the Berlin Wall and now this? What kind of alternate universe have I entered? Did I go into the transfer portal and not realize it?

    Either these people are totally devoid of any grasp on some of the most famous events in world history, totally ignorant of current events, both (very likely in some cases), or just supremely intellectually dishonest (most likely in many other cases). People used to be embarrassed to say and do dumb things. Now it seems to have become popular.
  7. Nowhere did I say it was exactly like the German concentration camps. Yall brought the Nazis into this, not me. Reading comprehension is fundamental. Based on the definition I posted and the reports about the inhumane conditions at the border, yes, they are concentration camp like conditions. To deny it is ignorant.
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  8. If you really believe this I'm sorry for you. I've got to update the ignore list now. Unreal.
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  9. The people in the detention centers are coming voluntarily and willingly. I don't believe actual concentration camps had any willing residents...
  10. I think everything said, created, experienced, written, painted, established, drawn, built, et al prior to the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation should now be erased from history...
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  11. Sounds about right. Dont agree with an opinion so block it out and live in your bubble.

    What would you call them to make you feel better?
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  12. I just want to thank Kyle Brotzman and Kap for getting us into the Rose Bowl.
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  13. I assume all these people that think these people trying to enter the US illegally also would have no problem with someone breaking into their homes, squatting, taking up residence, using their money, food, etc.

    Wait! I think we have a solution to the border crisis!
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  14. Notice the American flag on his helmet. How ironic...
  15. Detention centers, obviously. These people aren't political prisoners, they aren't there against their will, they aren't serving sentences, they aren't being denied their human rights. They are people being detained while we process an (admittedly over-strained) queue. Any invocation of "concentration camps" is wildly inappropriate, because it equates these migrants with the sufferers of some of the worst atrocities in human history.
  16. For God sake try to defend your definition.

    "a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution. "

    a place - check
    large numbers of people - check
    political prisoners - no
    persecuted minorities - no
    deliberately imprisoned - no
    relatively small area - check
    inadequate facilities - huge range here to debate.
    Forced labor - no
    Mass execution - no

    So it's a relatively small place with a large number of people that may or may not have inadequate facilities. Sounds like a shopping mall or Amon Carter in September
  17. I don’t understand people who compare the border situation where they get food and A/C to Jews not having a choice to be at these camps with millions getting murdered. Where was the outrage for the Obama administration and their border treatment?
  18. Oh please, to pretend the term "concentration camp" is not a direct invocation of the Holocaust in today's everyday nomenclature is ridiculous. Don't get pedantic and "well actually actually actually the Boer War...", not only is it dishonest, it's still not really true.
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  19. There was no outrage because the Republicans agreed with him and the neoliberals worshi[pped him.
  21. But people can’t pretend to be outraged now when the same thing happened under their watch in the last administration.

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