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  1. I blame Run DMC.
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  2. Going to buy more Nike. BRB.
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  3. This (censor) Colin Kaepernick seems to go out of his way to find fault and blatantly express his disdain for

    anything pertaining to America. If he is so (censor) unhappy here....Delta is Ready When You are!!
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  4. There is still slavery going on in Africa among Africans enslaving Africans. So what will CK protest regarding this current atrocity?
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  5. He's not from Africa...

    Heaven forbid someone is against police brutality.
  6. I got some from Brooks. They looked too nice to pass up.
  7. New Balance 993 - Made In USA (some foreign materials, but close as you'll get.)
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  8. Perhaps he could have gone about it in a more constructive way to his cause.

    I'm against medical malpractice but I'm not going to go around with a t-shirt that disparages everyone in the medical community.
  9. Just for the Fourth of July?
  10. I did not see any reference to intent in the code. True, ignorance of the code is one thing. But once you are made aware of the code, its requirements, and what the code States is disrespectful, then that argument goes out the window.
  11. As I was removing screened-on swooshes from clothing, or selling swoosh clothing, I ran into a problem with embroidered swooshes. So I donated most of those. But one of them was on a nice pair of golf shorts I didn't want to part with. So I ironed on a small American flag patch to cover it up. I meant only to be disrespectful to the Swoosh.
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  12. Good job.
  13. Man that is some serious work on your part.

    You must be retired to take the time to do this.
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  14. And that's the rub. He is showing himself to protest the American flag and America. No police brutality to be heard of as a form of protest by Kaepernick, only the U.S. Flag.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. This is about shoes and slavery, not police brutality.

    But the slaves he is protesting were from Africa.
  17. Only a matter of time before Kap and other Ahole liberal companies are offended with the CURRENT American flag.

    I mean seriously...the 13 colony flag is the ultimate sign of Freedom.
  18. We are talking Fourth of July, not Father's Day.
  19. Smells like a stunt to sell shoes to Millennials.
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