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  1. *slowly raises hand*

    I need some sweet freedom flip flops to round out my annual 4th ensemble.

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  2. This guy would

  3. What he was opposed to was the circular U.S. star flag. A flag designed by Betsy Ross. Yes an arguement can be made about the flag being put on any garment for whatever reason but this was opposed because in (his) opinion it was from the slavery timeframe. This is what I have a problem with. He took a knee before NFL games during the National Anthem supposedly because he was protesting Police brutality. Now we see the true motive. He hates America and the U.S. flag in any form!
  4. For those lacking knowledge of Kaepernick's history of "protests", he didn't start until he started getting scheissed by Nessa Diab. Anything to get some for some guys.
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  5. I have flag boxers. Because ‘Murica.
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  6. Oh please. "My feelings are hurt by a radio personality Nessa Diab, now I will protest and revolt by dissenting against America and all its citizens " That is not very mature or respectful on his part.
  7. Nike shoe in question:

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  8. Apparently as that was the reason for the timing of the product launch. Seems pretty dumb to me, but I doubt Nike would have invested in it if it wouldn't have made them money.

    I'm interested in what's going to happen to all of the shoes that now won't be sold. Are we going to have a bunch of Betsy Ross flag sneakers being worn by kids wearing Baylor Cotton Bowl Champion t-shirts in 3rd world countries?
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  9. "The Nike shoe, which also featured the circular arrangement of stars on its tongue, was reportedly set to hit the market on Monday, retailing for $140. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nike asked that stores return their shipments of the sneakers without offering an explanation.

    A limited number of the sneakers appear to have made it onto the secondary market, however, and they apparently have become a collector’s item. StockX, a sneaker resale website, had sold a number of pairs of the sneaker as of Tuesday morning, with one pair reaching $2,501."

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  10. Hadn't seen those yet. Thanks. They look sharp, but that would contravene flag etiquette, IMO.
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  11. I didn't suggest anything. I referenced the actual United States Flag Code. It doesn't suggest that people should not wear clothing that has the American flag on it either. It states plainly that it is disrespectful. People want to pick and choose what they think is disrespectful, but the code lays it out. Either abide by The Code, or don't. But when people pick and choose they lose the moral high ground. So arguably, Nike decided not to do something that was in clear violation of the Flag Code, and people are mad.
  12. Does flag code apply to previous versions that are no longer the official flag? Honestly no idea. Also, apparently boy scout uniforms are in violation. edit: i guess they meet the “other patriotic groups” exception.
  13. I don't think we're referring to the same person when we use "he."

    I was referring to Atomic Frog (maybe?) posting the link to flag rules. I understand what Kap's argument was, specious as it may be. But the intent behind posting rules for flying/using the flag were being questioned and that's what I was replying to.
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  14. Is that where you buy your addditives?
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  15. Eeehhh, there's definitely a difference between an attempt to celebrate America while perhaps being ignorant of the flag code vs protesting the country using the flag. Intent matters.
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  16. Nike did not make their decision because of a violation of a Flag Code. Nike cowarded to Kaepernick period.
  17. That's a good question, but I would assume so. It doesn't make sense to me that using a previous flag in ways we shouldn't use the current flag would be any less reverent.
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  18. If that were the reason Nike pulled the shoes I think we'd all be in agreement.

    ETA: Apparently this opinion seems to already be a consensus.
  19. Most Americans don't know how to pronounce Adidas nor spell the name correctly.
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    At least in reference to the cleats I showed, they don't depict the actual flag but have red white and blue colors as well as some stars.

    The flag code you reference talks about the flag itself. There's room for interpretation as to what is and isn't "the flag".

    And since this was created 25 years ago I doubt anyone thought about flags that preceded the current one.

    Interesting that this code doesn't specifically reference burning the flag in protest.
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