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  1. I don't run. I walk and do so sparingly. I'd heard so much about Saucony from runners I know that I tried them. They may be awesome for running....wouldn't know.
  2. The market change is strictly an investor reaction and does not reflect consumer reaction yet. You may be correct but yesterday's trading would not be a good judge of the sentiment expressed. Also not sure I agree with the statement they did something stupid at least not on a marketing point of view. They know their market.

    Despite all the clamoring both sales and share price has been up since the C.K. issue and their support started.

    Investors are generally a more conservative group and do not have a breakdown on investor data but shares traded were down about a million based on average but that is more than expected on a Friday following a holiday. Thought is was an interesting immediate reaction.
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  3. Walking, running, sitting, standing Saucony outperform all others for my feet. My sister who has run 20+ marathons swears by Hokas.

    When people want a more high end athletic shoe I advise them to find a shoe store that has variety and a way to analyze gait & foot strike. That gives a good start as all the brands have shoes tailored for specific needs.

  4. Sister...
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  5. What does the American Flag have to do with police brutality?
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  6. Nothing. It's not about the American flag. It's not about the military and hating America either. It's about police brutality.

    My goodness some of you "educated folk" sure can't understand the purpose of a protest. When people use to protest by starving themselves of food and water, I'm pretty sure they didn't hate food and water.
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  7. Betsy Ross was a Quaker. You should look up their views on slavery since you want to talk about “educated folk”
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  8. I’m pretty sure it was never about police brutality and is even less so now.
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  9. It’s becoming more clear it was about him realizing he doesn’t have a future in the NFL and needs a check somehow
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  10. I don't choose what shoe I wear based on political opinions anymore than I choose who to vote for based on what shoe they wear.

    That said, this is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. At least it was all the way up until I started reading Deuceboogie posts in this thread.
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  11. No, I understand the purpose of a protest, but if you are protesting police brutality then protest the police not the American flag. It's all BS anyway. He just wants attention.
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  12. Concentration camps? LOLOLOLOLOL

    You poor snowflake.
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  13. Not all of society.
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  14. And scheissing lucky he wasn't born to you.
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  15. So I'm a snowflake for caring about other humans? Sounds about right.

    You would be complaining no matter how he protested. Be real.
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  16. When you first made a comment comparing the border situation to concentration camps, I asked, as a person who had a family member affected, that you withdraw that comment.

    You didn't display much care for other humans with your smarmy "Imma leave it up" response.

    I'm still waiting for you to let me know which aspects of the border situation are similar to the Nazi concentration camps, or any other concentration camps to which you may have been referring when you said there are lots of similarities.
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    - Raw and nasty food and barely drinkable water
    - children being seperated from families
    - children being held in terrible conditions
    - no soaps or toothpastes
    - dangerous overcrowding

    So, yeah... Concentration Camp like conditions. Are they being gassed? No. But it's still terrible conditions. You do know that German concentration camps weren't the only ones in history right? They've been usediin Cuba, by the British in South Africa, and both sides in World War I. Hell, we put Japanese in camps... So, what exactly is your point? I've stated mine numerous times.
  18. No food at all
    Being held on railcars without food or drink, to the point where many died before ever making it to the camps
    Children being separated from their families because their families were being systematically executed
    Physical torture and medical experimentation
    Being brought into showers (without soap, so there's a similarity), where people were locked in and gassed to death
    Overcrowding is perhaps a similarity but it was quite different

    Im telling you that those pictures depict very dissimilar experiences.

    My point is that you apparently don't know what a concentration camp is, if you think that our Japanese detainment camps were concentration camps.

    The systematic genocide that occurred in WWII and the elimination of 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe was one of the most horrible atrocities in human history, and your comparing the inefficient bureaucracy at our southern border (which has resulted in some bad conditions to be sure) shows a terrible lack of compassion for the descendants of the over six million people who were killed, and many others who were detained.
  19. DueceBoogie is no snowflake. DueceBoogie is an abuser, playing the victim card. Characters like DueceBoogie caused this mess on the border and now act like victims for their crimes. They use the people sitting at the border as pawns for their own selfish political and idealogical gains, and then point fingers at the people that are actually trying to fix the problem. DueceBoogie is no snowflake, he's a pathological abuser.
  20. Based on the context and what you’ve posted in this thread I’d go with moron over snowflake.
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