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NFL's Cardinals hiring Kingsbury as their next head coach

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Why the hell not?
  2. Weird deal.

    Funny how getting fired from lowly Texas Tech can end up being such a great career move.
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  3. Another one year coach for AZ.
  4. Arizona has always been the joke of the NFL. What are they thinking?
  5. Was expecting to get rickrolled so waited on someone else to open.
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    Can’t be any worse than Saban was in Miami.

    Great hire if they can find a defense
  7. Back when the Cardinals were doing their fall camps in Flagstaff, some of the coaches would invariably buy expensive 2nd homes in Pine Canyon or Forest Highlands. Ken Whisenhunt built a home from scratch. It was always a good gig for Flagstaff subcontractors cause you'd remodel the home for the new coach and a year later for the next new coach.
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  8. Talk about failing up. LOL @ the Cardinals
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  9. L O L

    Was laughable enough when USC hired him as coach in waiting.
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  10. I'm sure Cardinals fans are thrilled
  11. I weird trick can take you from being a fired college head coach to being a NFL head coach.
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  12. I didn’t start the bit, but I am rolling with it for now.
  13. So what this tells me is to quit working hard to get my raise and promotion, and instead just take a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] on the floor of the office then clock out and leave.
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  15. Going from a marginally successful head coach at Tech, being fired and then landing an NFL head coaching job. Quite a career trajectory
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  16. He's a good offensive coach. NFL coaching is a lot different than NCAA coaching. Recruiting is at least 50% of the job (probably more) in NCAA, which he will no longer have to do. The NFL is turning to a more pass-happy offense, I'm not saying this is a home run hire for the Cardinals, but at least they are taking a chance and not just recycling a has-been NFL coach.
  17. More than the Browns or Bengals?
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  18. Working for the Bidwells won’t be fun.

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