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NFL Frogs 2021…..


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Dalton can't catch a break.... He had no help in Cincinnati...and the Bears offensive line was rather porous. Would have loved to see what he could have done with decent players providing more than a little protection. Putting Fields in on that first drive for 1 play seemed ridiculous to me as Andy was doing well up to that point. But then that is why they don't pay me millions to coach a NFL team! I doubt Fields will be the savior of this team and judging from their Offensive Line I understand why they don't want to put him in there for the long haul.



niang has looked good so far and it is quite obvious he spent the year he opting out working on technique work etc....

only times i can recall there were "pressures" on his side were when mahomes instead of stepping up trying to get outside where lucas had tried to ride the pass rush out beyond the quarterback


ross did some good things last night for the texans, created pressure from the inside, had a strip sack, most activity i can recall from him and i think he is starting to make some progress with the new staff

marcus cannon played solid as well in pass protection.