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New Uniforms for Texas game (lots of red)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Oh, "the kids" like it.

    Well, kids are dumb

  2. I normally am not crazy for the funky alternate unis and like traditional but for some reason I like these.
  3. They're ok. Better than the camo. Everyone acting like the world is ending because we incorporate red into the uniform needs to chill out.
  4. Agreed. This was the right amount of red in the uniform.
  5. The stupid will not be stopped.
  6. Of course Gary's not going to bite that Nike hand.
  7. Beat Texas on Saturday and it will be my favorite uni.
  8. How often does UT or OU change their uniforms. 0. Keep traditional TCU look.
  9. Maybe for this season, but not for all time. I'm already liking Boykin's 2014 uniform over anything we wear this season.
  10. When TCU becomes a blue blood (never gonna happen), they can do the same.
  11. Imma go get some blueberries
  12. JD gonna have red chinos available?
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  13. they both wore alternates last week
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  14. Red is not a school color
  15. we look like goddamn commonists!
    thanks, Obama.
  16. Now I know why we're favored.

    We're starting Zombie LT at running back.
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  17. It is what it is. I think a couple little tweaks on the helmet could have gone a long way:

    1) Keep the TCU/Frog Silver (or at least a lighter color that pops)
    2) Reverse the colors on the facemask so they're Purple on the outside and Red down the middle.
  18. Hopefully this red is some magic stickum.
    TCU gloves.png
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