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Is Dr Cash 5-10 or so?

remember that we are talking three dimensional objects so it is feasible that there is enough substance in a shorter statue to create a bigger statue depending upon the other dimensions

plus, don't we still have that atrocity from the super bowl lying around somewhere


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Well deserved. A true student athlete. Now, Baugh, Lilly, LT, Swink in that order…

James Cash


Please mark your calendar for Friday, November 11, when we dedicate a statue for Dr. James Cash in front of Schollmaier Arena.

Dr. Cash was TCU's first black student-athlete and the first black basketball player in the Southwest Conference. Following his time at TCU, he earned master's and doctorate degrees at Purdue. He then returned to the classroom in 1976 as a faculty member at the Harvard Business School, teaching in each of the major HBS programs. He eventually became Harvard's first tenured black faculty member. In 2020, Dr. Cash was the first black person at Harvard to have a building, Cash House, named for him. He currently holds the position of James E. Robinson Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Cash is a trailblazer for us. Upon his arrival as our head men's basketball coach, Jamie Dixon made a concerted effort to have Dr. Cash involved as much as he could with our program. We very much look forward to seeing Dr. Cash recognized in this most appropriate manner with a campus monument.
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Dr James Cash was a very good player and trailblazer, from Fort Worth and who accomplished so much. Not mentioned in this bio but he spent several years as Chairman of the Harvard MBA program. He was so involved at Harvard as well as many Boards of Directors, I doubt it would have ever happened, but I always thought he would have been a great TCU chancellor.
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We are certainly safe with this statue of Cash. First time Harvard (yes, Harvard) ever named a building after a black person it was our own James Cash, this James Cash. So don't think we will ever regret a statue in his honor. Can't help but chuckle over BU's great statue of RG3, the one a good number of their alumni are demanding being taken down.


I just hope the big beautiful framed picture of Dr. Cash and I believe another one of LT will return to the refurbished lobby of Sadler Hall upon completion. I always enjoyed pointing those out to visitors passing through that lobby as I sat in the comfy chairs & being looked down upon by Dr. Sadler intimidating oil portrait.