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New Drama regarding TCU

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by tcumaniac, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. And to be "fair", sounds like they consider homeless as not having a permanent home. ie living with a relative for a month, then a friend for a month is consider homeless.
  2. I’m now estimating that 25% of my son’s baseball teammates may have been “homeless” by some definition. He and his roommate always had at least two players crashing at their place. Sometimes more than that.
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  3. I have a senior there. It is still a great place and glad he chose it. But it is most definitely not the same place I went to. Campus wise is obvious, but even moreso the overall demographics isn't remotely close to what it was 30 years ago.
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  4. I like certain TCU sports teams WAY more than I like the school in general, to be honest. The school is becoming California-lite, more and more like Berkeley every year it seems. Next to UT, I think we're easily #2 in the Big 12 in that regard, and it's disappointing.
  5. You’ve clearly spent little time in Lawrence if you think TCU is “easily” #2.
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  6. I covered it for you...
    There was only a 50% chance I was going to like that post, so there is a 50% chance that we are break even. That, by the way, is data, not anecdote.
    By the way, if high school me had known the difference between anecdote and antidote, my best friend may still be alive today.
  7. I have not. I considered that, it's the other school that, based on what I've heard, might have something to say about that. Call it easily #3 and maybe #2, and closing in fast on the leaders.
  8. Quite obviously, because of FERPA, I can’t provide you with the narrow data you seek.
  9. I tested it on this post and it let me. Must be the tech masters of the universe who won't let you do it.
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  10. I just called TCU student affairs and asked if I could drop off a bucket of money and they said they are all full up in the money department. It seems that the "Lead the Charge" campaign was an overwhelming success and they are no longer in need of funds. They also said to expect a lowering of the tuition costs toot sweet. I am super glad I called and that I am able to share this news.
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  11. So sounds like you're guessing just like me. Fun
  12. Yes, this is true, but I don't really think that's what is happening here. If a student was struggling with issues outside of the classroom, my experience at TCU was always that teachers will work with you on any issues that they can. I have friends that dealt with poverty, mental health breakdowns, parents divorcing, etc. and TCU faculty was always accommodating.

    That's not what is happening here though. It's not the beginning of the semester. It's not even mid-terms. It's beg season. Every teacher at just about every level will tell you this is the time when students that consistently missed class and didn't do homework will email you asking if there's "extra credit" they can do to pass / improve their grade. The teacher is cutting off those beg emails before they happen by saying "Don't come at me with your sob story that you've never mentioned up until this point", and then using hyperbolic, if admittedly poorly timed, examples.
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  13. I see now that it did record it but at first I could see it. I was thinking I may have to log out and log in as one of my other personas but thankfully that didn’t have to happen. Just kidding. (Or am I?)

    I’m still somewhat suspicious that none of you are real (other than Steel and maybe he’s all of you) and that at some point I’m gonna find out I’m like Michael Douglas’ character in The Game.
  14. With Fort Worth being relatively flat, some of us must be running out of hills to die on.
  15. Maybe you are Jim Carrey in The Truman Show...
  16. Never made it through that one.
  17. in his defense he only complained because the cookies weren’t big enough.
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  18. You 100% lost me right here. This asshat went on an expletive filled social media rant on a TCU professor because at best he's too much of coward to handle it any other way or at worst he's just a little prick who wanted some attention and felt like screwing with a professor in an attempt to get them in trouble was the the best way to do it..... and I'M supposed to feel badly about criticizing him???
  19. Yes. Because... reasons.
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