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New Drama regarding TCU

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by tcumaniac, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Snow Flake generation
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    "If they are temporarily staying with a relative or couch surfing with a friend, that is also homelessness.''

    This statement would seem to skew their results much like the old study of the percent of students who had been victims of sexual assault from a while back. It matters how you define the variable that is being studied.
  3. This is how it works with people like "Josh" in the tweet:

    "So, do you prefer dumb[briles] and stupid [ #2020 ]?"
  4. My thoughts on why she chose some of the words are along the lines of yours. The whole dog ate my homework type of stuff.
  5. To be fair, they did this is the early 1990's except missing more than 3 classes usually resulted in a grade reduction.
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  6. How does a TCU student become homeless? And when I say homeless, I mean homeless, not with friends/relatives. It just makes no sense and I simply don't believe it's an issue outside .1% of TCU students.
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    Believe what you want, but feel free to call student affairs and ask if they could use financial support for housing and food insecure students. The answer will be yes.

    Is there proportionally less of it at TCU than public universities? Absolutely. Is it non existent? Absolutely not.
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  8. I don’t know if any TCU students have been deported. But there are certainly TCU students for whom the risk of deportation is a front-of-mind concern. E.g., https://www.tpr.org/2020-07-09/desp...n-daca-recipients-still-live-with-uncertainty
  9. Josh, Don't listen to them. You're doing great. Stay on course.
  10. I bet if I called any department at TCU they would say they need more money.

    I guess I generally disagree with always stooping to the lowest common denominator. If you have 10 "homeless" students at TCU out of 11,000 (or whatever it is), I wouldn't call that a problem. Someone should probably advise them to stop enrolling at TCU and work full time for $12-$20/hour and take a class here and there until they graduate.
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  11. Like I posted before, I knew a TCU student who got deported. It was pretty funny, he didn't really care and did none of the things that could have stopped it
  12. You seem to prefer anecdote over data.
  13. Gonna weigh in on this as a current professor although I’ll probably hate the fact that I did...

    Per the kid, I won’t comment much as many have already done so but I would definitely have known and pegged him as a potential issue over the semester had he been in class.

    But the Professor, sheesh. No way, absolutely no way would I have sent an email out like that and I HAVE gotten emails this semester with deportation and financial issues in them. You have to know the room and know when to pick your battles and this professor apparently knows or knew none of that. You have to know if the admin will back you. You have to generally understand what your students may be going through and if you are being too lenient or too harsh.

    I always read over my emails before sending them out and I say the same thing to my students before they send me anything. Again, there is absolutely no way I would’ve sent an email out like that. Knowing how students are these days, I would’ve known that an email like that is just asking for trouble and would have only caused more unneeded annoyance for me and I hate unneeded annoyances.

    There is a lot of blame to go around in this one but it all seems to be unneeded. Whomever it was that stated they had this professor back in the day probably was pretty spot on.
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  14. Hahahaha! Hello, Pot? Kettle?

  15. How about buckling down and kicking the [ #2020 ] out of the test? That’s how you should respond. The world is full of shipheads, get use to it.
  16. Shoot me the data on homeless TCU students.

    You literally said "I don't know if any TCU students have been deported", inferring that it's possible none have been deported. I provided a factual statement that yes, in fact, one TCU student has been deported.
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  17. That’s not a bad summary actually. Kinda surprised that the OSU thing stands out but I’m rapidly losing all my contacts up there. All I know about you is that you work at State Farm, wear khaki’s, have recently switched ethnicity, and give special rates to pro athletes.
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  18. It's obviously not isolated to TCU, but I've just got tired-head with higher education these days. I really hope something blows up and changes the way it is in the next 8 or 9 years before my kids graduate high school, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Having said that, TCU is wearing me out lately and I'm just not as excited about the University in general as I used to be. Never thought that would happen, but here we are.
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  19. I’ll like this post and then unlike it before liking it again just so I can like it twice.

    EDIT: Well that sucks. Wont let you re-like an unliked post.
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  20. I can't imagine a normal student being truly homeless for very long at all, if in fact they wanted help. By normal, I mean someone who doesn't have pretty bad personal issues (alcoholic, drug addict, mental issues, etc etc) that would keep someone from wanting to take them in temporarily. Pretty much everybody knows someone, or knows someone that knows someone that would take a reasonably normal college kid in before letting them live on the street.
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