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New Drama regarding TCU

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by tcumaniac, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. As of 2004 when I was in the dorms you were supposed to keep your guns locked up at the TCU police station and then check them out for use. Needless to say I kept my guns at home until I was in an apartment.
  2. You don't much about NK
  3. I was opposed to compulsory military service before I went into the Army because of the economic deadweight loss it would create. I'm also very libertarian so I instinctively oppose anything that would infringe upon the liberty of an individual whatever his age unless it is his parent who imposes it for discipline.

    After serving I'm even more opposed to compulsory service. First, we had enough [ #2020 ]s already. No need to bring in every [ #2020 ] in America just to teach them how to not suck at life. We couldn't do it with most of the ones we had so I have no illusions we'd have greater success with a larger number of them. It would be impossible to get good training done.

    Beyond the [ #2020 ]s, though, I learned that the overqualified guys you'd think might benefit the military actually tend to do the opposite. There's little room in the military for the naturally inquisitive fellow who needs to understand everything before he does it. There's little room for the entrepreneurial type who have a natural knack for and desire to make things better. There's little room in the military for all sorts of people who are successful as civilians for a variety of reasons. And I don't think the best interests of those individuals or society would necessarily be served by military service. The military has to break people of those proclivities because it needs everyone to fall in line and do as they're told in order to execute the mission.

    Then there are the guys who aren't there because they want to be there, but because they had no choice. Everyone doesn't join the military out of some altruistic and patriotic higher purpose. We had a lot of kids who were there because the alternative was jail or homelessness. You can't always make those types care enough to benefit the group. They're a net drain on the unit.

    When the military is all volunteer we have a more manageable number of these different types of people and can still make it work. In a world of compulsory service, however, the majority of servicemen and women would fall into one of these categories and I don't think the military could effectively manage them all.

    I agree with you that people who have served tend to have something civilians don't have that helps them in life, but I don't think it's something you can realistically expect to be imputed on everyone who goes in.
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  4. We're just gonna disagree then (and to be clear I didn't criticize his appearance or his sexual preference... he's clearly got a girlfriend FWIW). This is a kid whose sole intent was to attempt to get this teacher in trouble/fired for something that I'm almost certain didn't actually offend him. When you go on social media dripping f bombs all over the place and the first words of your header are "leftist psychonaut" you get what you get. Let's look at it THIS way.... if my social media page was a picture of me in a MAGA hat with the line "right wing [ Arschloch]" under it and I went on an expletive laced rant on say Wendy Davis.... what do you think this kid would say about me? Again, you bring it upon yourself when you make these choices.
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  5. No.
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  6. Great post, makes a lot of sense.
  7. Probably, but just because it has been done for generations doesn’t necessarily always exclude it from being true on occasion...as in this case.
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  8. This opinion would greatly aid in my “discussions” with Mrs Pharm about social media.
  9. DIs at Pariss Island and MCRD San Diego apparently are not allowed to use profanity anymore, but I’d still like to nominate this delicate flower for a taste...
  10. I have literally no clue who you are other than that you like TCU, baseball and know things about pharm and oklahoma state. I think. This isn't social media
  11. Ha! For me KFC is very social, it's not really media, and it's definitely not social media. Especially in the sense that places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are.
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  12. The head of the language dept TCU when I was there, Dr Romanenghi (sp?), taught my Spanish 2 requirement. I never saw him smile and seemed very gruff. Our first mid term he left the room and about half the class began pulling out books. This was in one of those rooms that had a door in the front and back. He had snuck in and walked up to someone in the back and said “most of the answers are in chapters x, y, z etc.” Scared the crap out of everyone and there was a rush of people putting books away. He walked to the front and asked asked who was here to learn Spanish and who was here because it is required? He explained he didn’t think anyone should be forced to learn a language and said if you were there just to graduate give him your name and you’d get an automatic C, if you wanted to actually learn he’d be fair and help you. I think some people accepted the deal, but most tried to learn.

    Interesting guy. Claimed he he had been Juan Peron’s pilot in Argentina and flew his own family out to escape the dictator. (If my Boomer brain recalls correctly).
  13. More of an attempt at group think that has has obviously failed badly...
  14. upload_2020-11-24_9-12-12.png
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  15. TCU donors and student parents need to do some study as to what outcomes they are looking for from the University and hinge their largesse accordingly.
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    Says the anonymous adult man on a message board about a teenager.
  17. The professor could have just said no excuses rather than all of that OTOH ... You should know better by now when dealing with those snowflake libs in a world where everything you say and do will be used against you in the court of social media.
  18. I know the point of this thread is for a bunch of grown ass anonymous men to bash on a not anonymous teenage college student. If that’s the kind of way you want to depict TCU alums online, I know I’m not going to be able to convince you to act better.

    But student homelessness is an actual problem that shouldn’t be joked about. The TCU administration is aware of that and, independent of whatever was reported and whoever reported it, understands it’s not something for a professor to make light of. Especially as the pandemic and pandemic-induced recession have likely worsened the existing problem.

    If you’d like to read a (pre-pandemic) article and learn about the issue of homelessness among college students, you can do so here:


  19. Well stated and I think you are likely completely correct. I am not arguing in favor of compulsory military service, just so we are clear. I do, however, see the benefit of some sort of service obligation where you provide a service to others. The truth is, LDS members would likely be good citizens with or without the 2 year mission, because it is in their core belief to be good people. There is likely a completely different population who could go on a 2 year mission and be unchanged and neither them nor the people they were there to serve would be better off for their time. I do think that people seem much less willing to do things for the greater good of the population than they used to. I am not sure how to turn that around. There does not seem to be a one size fits all solution. Just pontificating on what someone else had brought up.
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  20. That kid is gonna be a disaster in the real world.

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