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New baseball stadium location?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Fort Frog, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. If Lupton is remodeled and expanded that would be fine with me but if a new location is needed where would that be?
  2. My understanding is that plans to expand Lupton have been finalized and approved for several years now...... school just hasn’t acted on said plans.
  3. In the Dallas area
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  4. The western Dallas area to be more specific.
  5. DBU since they own us?
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  6. What's the latest on LaGrave Field where the FW Cats used to play?

    Is the old ball park in Arlington still maintained as a baseball field?
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  7. Farrington Field
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    Nolan Ryan wanted to reenergize LaGrave a few months ago but someone at the city turned him down. This person has his job because of his dad and makes very bad decisions!
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  9. Hunter Biden works for the City of Fort Worth?
  10. No, but his POS, long lost cousin JD Granger does.
  11. LaGrave Field (I haven't driven by in a long time, but heard it was an eyesore).

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  12. Interesting how I NEVER hear Kay's name thrown around except in negative terms. I'm on the far fringe of being connected with the power brokers within FW and I can't remember the last time someone said anything positive about her. The joke is always "Where's Kay?" as in Where's Waldo. She's done a good job of connecting with money at the national level that she doesn't even try connecting with her own constitutents. As the ranking member of the appropriations committee she wields a lot of power and she knows it. Will be interesting if someone tries to oppose her in the next primary. A weirdo got on the ballot and received 42%. Hell, I think I may have voted for him just to get her out.
  13. How many years of free advertising have some of those people gotten?
  14. I would not be mad at that at all.
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  15. TRWD owns it and is waiting on federal funds if they ever fix it up. My guess is that they'll eventually sell it to a developer that is somehow connected to the Olivers running the TRVA and it will help pay off Matt's DWI habit.

  16. I didn’t agree with Jim Wright on anything, but at least he knew how to bring the Pork home.
  17. Problem with the current footprint is they are landlocked with track and tennis, but a little movement of the track facility and a little "twist" of the field will solve that. Main focus will be on the premium seating, boxes, concourse/fan facility, and some in the support facilities.
  18. They did some remodeling so it would be long enough for it to be a football field for the XFL. I think it would be minimal work to make it playable for baseball again. The 3rd base dugout has to be rebuilt and remove the bleachers they added to left field and that might be about it.
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  19. Funny....I used to be assigned to Kay when I was doing lobbying work. At point she called me “the worst lobbyist” in the history of lobbying. I wear that with pride.

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